Federal Grant Funds Renovations of Four Brescia University Science Labs

Brescia University is the recipient of a $500,000 Congressionally-directed grant to be used for the renovation of four science labs. Approximately three-quarters of the project will be funded by this federal grant. It will take two years to complete the renovation, with the majority of the construction taking place in the summer of 2011.

Brescia currently has 13 labs, and the four labs to be renovated are the Biology/Ecology lab, Anatomy and Physiology lab, Organic Chemistry Lab, and the Quantitative Chemistry lab.

Dr. Carol Maillet, Chair of the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Division and Associate Professor of Biology, said these labs were purposefully chosen in part due to deteriorating conditions. “These labs are used more frequently and need to be brought up to today’s standards.”

Dr. Maillet said the first materials have been ordered and some work will begin the week of Thanksgiving.

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