Brescia Receives $10,000 OMHS Grant to Fund Seven Defibrillators

Brescia University recently learned they are the recipient of a ten thousand dollar grant from Owensboro Medical Health System to fund the purchase of seven Automatic Electronic Defibrillators (AEDs) and to train staff members on how to use the equipment.

Residence Life Director, Jeffrey Rudnik, has been named Program Director in charge of the equipment and training. The goal is to have an AED placed in each campus residence hall, the gym, fitness center and Kamuf Park Outdoor Sports Complex.

“The hope is, of course, that is equipment will never be used,” said Dr. James Fitzpatrick, Vice President and Dean of Student Development. “However, should a situation arise, our ability to respond immediately to a student, staff, faculty or guest in a distress situation would be possible. Preparedness for the possibility is our utmost concern.”

Brescia is currently working with OMHS to coordinate the purchase of and training on the AEDs prior to having them placed on campus. The University plans to have them available for use by the start of the fall semester.