Birds of the Greenbelt Series: Dedication of Red-Tailed Hawk Sculpture

A sculpture celebrating one of Owensboro’s most familiar birds, the red-tailed hawk, was dedicated at a ceremony on Wednesday, May 5. The dedication took place off the Higdon Road parking lot of the Horse Fork Creek Trail, David C. Adkisson Greenbelt Park.

The stoneware sculpture by Brescia professor of art and graphic design, David Stratton, is the first of what he hopes will be a series of pieces entitled Birds of the Greenbelt as part of the school’s Art in Service to the Community Program. Sculptures, accompanied by informational banners, will teach the public about local wildlife and encourage viewing on the Greenbelt.

The first sculpture is co-sponsored by the Daviess County Audubon Society. Following the ceremony, those in attendance took a spring migration nature walk on the trail. At least 125 species of birds, as well as deer, coyote, beavers, and raccoons, have been spotted on the trail.

Brescia University Art in Service to the Community:
The Brescia University Art in Service to the Community (BUASC) Program’s goal is to encourage life-long learning, foster curiosity, promote community collaborations, and stimulate educational opportunities— by designing and creating collaborative public art projects. These projects are dependent upon community organizations who seek art projects to promote an educational and community relevant impact. The Art in Service to the Community Program is built upon and utilizes Brescia University students, staff, alumni, friends of the university, and business alliances to help design, build, and install public art projects in the city and county.