Brescia and OAWAC Host Peruvian Film, Rehenes, with Director and Main Actor

Brescia University is proud to co-sponsor, with the Owensboro Area World Affairs Council (OAWAC), Peruvian film, Rehenes, on October 12 at 6:30 pm. The director of the film, Bruno Ortiz, and the main actor, Havier Arboleda, will both be on hand for the screening of the film and available for questions and comments both prior to and following the film.

The film, Rehenes, translated Hostages in English, is a fictional movie surrounding a historic event in 1996, in which 72 people are taken hostage by guerrillas in the Japanese Embassy in Lima, Peru. The movie centers around a journalist/theatre director who decides to direct a play on the takeover to uncover political intricacies of the social moment. This movie is recommended for mature audiences only.

Rehenes will be shown in the Taylor Lecture Hall, which is located in the Science Building on Brescia’s campus. Though the 90-minute movie is in Spanish, there will be English subtitles. A reception will follow.

Ortiz has been an actor in 20 plays and director or co-directed 28 plays in Argentina, Ecuador and Peru. He has been awarded prizes for his work on human rights, world health, performance, and children’s stories. Rehenes is Ortiz’s first film.

Arboleda has been an actor in plays directed to children, in TV series, soap operas, and five films. He is a university theatre instructor in Lima.

For more information, please contact Carlos Martin Vélez, Assistant Professor of Spanish, at Brescia University at 270-686-4313 or [email protected]