Transfer Agreements

ARTICULATION AGREEMENTS: Brescia University has articulation agreements with the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS), and Owensboro Community and Technical College. These agreements facilitate the transfer of credit between institutions. Contact the Registrar for articulation information.

Transferring to Brescia University from one of Kentucky‘s community and technical colleges (KCTCS) is simple, using the Articulation Agreement. Brescia University‘s Articulation Agreementawards any graduate from a KCTCS institution with an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree a minimum of sixty (60) transfer credits (but no more than 67), and junior class standing. An Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree will also satisfy forty-eight (48) hours of Brescia University‘s General Education Requirements (GERs), provided the student completes at least one class in world history, foreign language, literature, fine arts, philosophy, and religion. Any of these courses not completed at a KCTCS institution must be completed at Brescia University. In addition, at least six (6) upper division credit hours (300- or 400-level) of Brescia‘s General Education courses must be completed as part of the student‘s free electives.

Certain majors may require specific courses within the GER; such requirements will take precedence over the Articulation Agreement. Students should consult the major requirements described in the Academic Programs section of the Brescia University Catalog. ADD LINK TO PAGE

TRANSFER OF CREDITS: Courses with a grade below a C are not accepted.. A transfer student who has a D in the first course of a required two course sequence and a C or higher in the second course must retake the first course unless s/he is able to demonstrate competency, in which case the requirement will be waived. Only 67 credit hours from a community college may be applied to the baccalaureate degree.