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Student Ambassadors

When visiting Brescia University, you will most likely meet one or more of our Student Ambassadors. They are here to show you around campus, answer questions you might have about classes and tell you what it is like to be a part of the Brescia community.

Have a question you would like to ask a current Brescia student? Contact our ambassadors via email at [email protected]!


Andrew BeamsAndrew Beams

Hometown: Elizabethtown, KY

Academic Standing: Senior

Major: Pre-optometry

BU Clubs/Organizations: Cross country, Track & Field, Resident Assistant

Most memorable BU moment: My Marine Biology class went to Florida for Spring Break. We swam with manatees, observed coral reefs and so much more. One of the best moments of my life!

Why did you choose BU? The small Catholic environment made me feel at home. I felt like I had a purpose and wasn’t just a face in the crowd.

How has Brescia made a difference in your life? It has helped me become the individual I have always wanted to be. I have found my identity through Brescia.

Random fact about myself: I can solve a Rubik’s cube in about thirty seconds.

Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden

Favorite movie/book/TV show: Anything that involves sports or science.


Patricia CrespoPatricia Crespo

Hometown: Henderson, KY

Academic Standing: Junior

Major: Spanish and Business with an Emphasis in Finance and Economics

BU Clubs/Organizations: Spanish Club, Student Government Association, Sophomore Class Council- Secretary, Habitat for Humanity, Sigma Alpha Pi, Band, and served as Freshman Class Council President 2012-2013

Most memorable BU moment: Orientation. Although it was tiresome, that’s where I met some of my closest friends to this day.

Why did you choose BU? I was a little intimidated by the thought of a large school; here at Brescia your professors, peers and the staff will get to know you on a first name basis, which makes for better relationships.

How has Brescia made a difference in your life? Brescia has impacted my life in two ways: It has provided me with the opportunity to build and establish life long friendships, and it is providing me the education I need for a brighter future.

Random fact about myself: I was born in Quito, Ecuador

Favorite Local Hangout: The Crème

Favorite movie/book/TV show: Grey’s Anatomy


Sarah EhlranjaouiSarah Elrhanjaoui

Hometown: Greenfield, Ohio

Academic Standing: Senior

Major: Political Science

BU Clubs/Organizations: St. Angela’s Messengers, Orientation Leader, Resident Assistant, Habitat for Humanity, International Club, Student Government, National Society for Leadership and Success, Student Activities Program Board (SAPB – 1 year), BU Women’s Soccer (1 year)

Most memorable BU moment: When I scored my first college goal in soccer.

Why did you choose BU? I transferred to BU my sophomore year because of the small campus and the one-on-one interaction between professors and students.

How has Brescia made a difference in your life? Brescia has given me so many opportunities that a large college wouldn’t have like shadowing a local judge. The professors here truly want me to succeed and have gone out of the way to help prepare me for law school.

Random fact about myself: I was born and lived in Philly.

Favorite Local Hangout or Restaurant: During the evening, Smothers Park is beautiful plus there are plenty of restaurants downtown to eat at like El Toribio. The Crème has great coffee and smoothies!

Favorite movie/book/TV show: Big Bang Theory


Cynthia LeonardoCynthia Leonardo

Hometown: Originally- Houston, TX  Currently- White House, TN

Academic Standing: Junior

Major: Business- Emphasis in Management

BU Clubs/Organizations: FYE Peer Educator, SAPB Member

Most memorable BU moment: All the help I have received from the Financial Aid office during the two years I have been here.

Why did you choose BU? I fell in love with the small community environment and we have a great business program.

How has Brescia made a difference in your life? It has taught me that it is important to take different courses in college and not just your major.

Random fact about myself: Friends know me for being that girl that will make Walmart runs past midnight.

Favorite Local Hangout: Walmart!!

Favorite movie/book/TV show: Movie – The Lion King; Book – Green Eggs and Ham; TV show – CSI: Miami


Tom RoidlTom Roidl

Hometown: Düsseldorf, Germany

Academic Standing: Junior

Major: Business and Psychology

BU Clubs/Organizations: Tennis, International Club

Most memorable BU moment: Representing Germany at Convocation during BU Orientation.

Why did you choose BU? BU offered my major and I am a part of the tennis team

How has Brescia made a difference in your life? Well, I live far away from home and I have learned to be responsible.

Random fact about myself: I’m from Germany

Favorite Restaurant: B-Dubs

Favorite movie/book/TV show: Movie – Friday the 13th; TV Show – The Mentalist and Burn Notice


Italo Arruda

Italo Arruda

Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Academic Standing: Junior

Major: Business

BU Clubs/Organizations: International Club- Vice President, Student Ambassador, Men’s Soccer

Most memorable BU moment: I won the St. Sebastian Award for soccer my freshman year and going to I-Ball.

Why did you choose BU? I chose BU because it was a very welcoming school when I came to visit. Also because of the opportunity to play the sport that I love and meet new people.

How has Brescia made a difference in your life? Brescia has always helped me inside and outside of the classroom. Last summer I had an opportunity to do an internship and with Brescia’s help it became possible and I had a great experience.

Random fact about myself: I am from Brazil and I was an exchange student at Castle High School in Newburgh, Indiana.

Favorite Local Restaurant: Wasabi

Favorite movie/book/TV show: Movie – Blind Sid; Book – Sonho Grande;  TV Show – Sportsnation



Victoria Shaffer

Hometown: Rochester, New York

Academic Standing: Sophomore

Major: Pre-Law, Political Science with an emphasis on international affairs, and Spanish

BU Clubs/Organizations: Freshman Class Council, Sophomore Class Council, Vice President (2013) and President (2014) of the Spanish Club, Events Coordinator for International Club (2014) and Moore Presidential Scholar

Most memorable BU moment: Any day in one of Bart’s classes.

Why did you choose BU? I chose Brescia University because it was close to home and I could get to know my professors on a more personal level due to the small class sizes at the college.

How has Brescia made a difference in your life? Brescia has made a difference in my life because my professors encourage me and help me succeed every step of the way. Without the support they have given me, I doubt I would have been able to accomplish as much as I have so far.

Random fact about myself: I love any and all types of crackers and cereal. They are my two main food groups.

Favorite Local Hangout: Brescia’s library or Smothers Park.

Favorite movie/book/TV show: Movie – Lilo & Stitch; Book – Night by Elie Wiesel; TV show – Friends



William Johnson

Hometown: Owensboro, KY

Academic Standing: Sophomore

Major: Biology

BU Clubs/Organizations: Peer Educator, Orientation Leader, Habitat for Humanity, Resident Assistant, Moore Presidential Scholar

Most memorable BU moment: Attending  the 20th anniversary of the Pitino Shelter as a Moore Presidential Scholar.

Why did you choose BU? I came from a small Catholic high school and liked the family atmosphere, along with the one on one interaction you get with the professors.

How has Brescia made a difference in your life? I have made numerous contacts with alumni in my field, opening a multitude of opportunities for after I graduate both locally in Owensboro and around the country.

Random fact about myself: I’m an Eagle Scout.

Favorite Local Restaurant: Old Hickory, AKA, the best barbeque in town.

Favorite movie/book/TV show: Harry Potter


Katie Jones

Hometown: Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Academic Standing: Junior

Major: Psychology and Theology

BU Clubs/Organizations: Habitat for Humanity, Psychology Club, Orientation Leader, and FYE Peer Educator

Most memorable BU moment: The time my friend, Matt, fell from a window on the second floor of Merici and landed in the bushes. There is still a ‘Matt-sized’ hole in the bush to this day.

Why did you choose BU? I Googled Catholic colleges and found Brescia. It was the closest to home, yet far enough away. I came to visit and had many moments where I felt like God was telling me, this is where I’m supposed to be.

How has Brescia made a difference in your life? I went from preaching to doing. Service work became much more important.

Random fact about myself: I will study abroad in London and Paris.

Favorite Local Hangout or Restaurant: Wasabi

Favorite movie/book/TV show: Movie – The Goonies; Book – The Bible; TV Show – Once Upon a Time