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Student Activities Program Board

SAPB [es-ey’-pee-bee’] noun, adjective

  1. noun. the main student programming board on campus, responsible for a wide array of entertainment and educational programming: The students on the SAPB are kind of a big deal.
  2. adjective. Slang. very impressive: That new album is totally SAPB.

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Why Join the Student Activities Program Board (SAPB)?

  • Move back to campus early for SAPB training (Aug 16-19, 2011)!
  • Be a part of the team that makes activities and events happen on campus!
  • Gain valuable experience in event planning, marketing, implementation, and assessment!
  • Get to meet and interact with performers and say you “knew them before they were big”!
  • Make the Brescia Community even more vibrant and spread the word that there IS something to do!
  • Connect complete strangers and help them to get to know people that don’t sit at their lunch table!
  • Enhance your resume with leadership skills and experiences!
  • Learn how to work well with others and fine tune your people skills!
  • Have the opportunity to make a difference and establish yourself as a strong campus leader!
  • Possibility of attending regional and national conferences to learn from other professionals and students working with Student Activities programs!
  • Enhance your Brescia Experience and be a part of the Brescia Difference!

More specifically, SAPB members gain valuable skills in event/program planning, marketing and promotion, public speaking, leadership development, assessment and more. SAPB can be one of the most exciting and impactful leadership opportunities available to you!

For more information or to apply for an SAPB position contact: Lucas Langdon, Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development, at 270-686-4336 or [email protected].

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