Here are what some students had to say about their experiences learning Spanish at Brescia University.


The most memorable moments from Spanish class at Brescia were all the mess-ups. There were plenty of times my classmates and I would stutter over a word or completely butcher the pronunciation of a word in Spanish. In these memorable moments of frustration and red cheeks, was where my peers and I learned our best. It became a stepping stone to look back on when I justified just how far I come in learning a new language. The environment at Brescia in Spanish class is comforting, allowing for room for mistakes, and as a student that is so important when it comes to learning and truly retaining information.

For the same reason mentioned previously, the environment is welcoming and allows room for mistakes. Your first day of Spanish class will be stressful, frustrating, but one thing you will learn on your first day there is that mistakes are okay, and you will get better. As Professor Ortiz says, “Don’t worry about it!”

-Savannah J.



All of my Spanish classes at Brescia have been great. Dr. Ortiz has been very helpful in helping me learn and benefit from taking his classes.

Dr. Ortiz is a very helpful and understanding teacher when helping students to understand Spanish. He makes the class fun and you enjoy going to it.

-Dakota J.



There was never a dull class. We actually learned a lot instead of sitting there with no one participating. Classes were very enjoyable and we learned a lot

Yes everyone should know 2 languages and English and Spanish to me are the most important

-Daniel S.



Along with going through and actively learning Spanish and the vocabulary one of the most memorable times is when Ortiz would do trivia and as the semester progressed you understood what he was saying without realizing it. Being thrown in knees deep speaking mostly Spanish was scary but definitely beneficial in the long run.

It might sound scary at first (“college Spanish of my gosh ya no thanks”) but this was truly the most enjoyable class I’ve ever had It isn’t difficult but you learn so much, probably more than in all your other classes.

-Payton H.



My Spanish class was easily one of my favorite classes to go to. We always knew how to have fun why learning and try to make things interesting while working on verbal communication. I loved how small my class was too, because I felt like I was able to ask any questions I ran into, which was not the case in my high school Spanish classes. Just from taking this one semester in college, I can see such a huge difference in my ability to understand and communicate this second language to me!

I would recommend it because it is such an amazing thing to be able to communicate fluently with multiple different languages. It will most likely be able to help you in whatever future job you decide to pursue. Even if you don’t use this in your job one day, there are tons of people around the United States today that are Spanish speaking, and being able to help them or communicate with them will put you ahead!

-Shealyn R.