Student Experiences with Spanish

Here are what some students had to say about their experiences learning Spanish at Brescia University.


Students’ comments on their experiences with learning Spanish, 2021-2022


Many incoming college students feel as if Spanish may not be beneficial to their everyday lives or future career; however, this quality [sic] is beneficial. When applying for jobs, having the skill of knowing some Spanish is sought after. For example, I work at a dentist office, and we had a patient call who fluently spoke Spanish only; taking this course allowed me to pick out some phrases and words and respond in an understanding manner to the patient. The patient understood what I was trying to say, and my coworkers and boss were very impressed. Learning Spanish also allows a greater appreciation towards culture while not holding any judgments or stereotypes. My perspective has been widened, and it has been very interesting to learn all the similarities and differences between culture here versus Spanish-speaking countries.

-Caroline B. (Spn. 101)

I have always had an interest in Spanish. I loved to hear people speak and watch shows in Spanish. Because I am from Brazil, I believe it was easier for me to understand it, but it is still very hard to speak it. This year, I decided to take Spanish because I wanted to be able to not only understand the language but also speak it grammatically correct. Sometimes I get very confused because I have to translate it into two different languages and try not to get confused with my knowledge of English and Portuguese. So far, I really enjoy the class, and I hope I can keep improving. 

-Maria F. (Spn. 201)

When I began school at Brescia, I had no intention of getting a Spanish minor, but once I looked at the benefits and how much fun I was having in my Spanish class first semester, I completely changed my mind. Spanish is a very interesting subject; class daily has taught me so much to help in the workplace or if I travel to a Spanish-speaking area! 

-Shealyn R. (Spn. 320)