Spanish Course Descriptions

Course Description for Spn. 201, Intermediate Spanish I (taught by Dr. Robinson, 2021/2022):

“Content includes grammar practice at an intermediate level of composition and conversation. Students should be placed in this course if they have had three or more years of high school Spanish.” (Current BU Catalog)

Spanish 201 is the first part of Intermediate Spanish. The primary goal of this course is to refine your ability to understand written and spoken Spanish and to develop your compositional skills. Students will be introduced to the preterit, the imperfect, and the subjunctive while continuing to build upon vocabulary learned in Introductory Spanish courses. The course takes a communicative, proficiency-oriented approach to learning Spanish and focuses on the four basic language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—along with the development of cultural competency. The format of this class is based on the premise that the best way to learn a foreign language is through repeated, meaningful exposure to the language. Given that culture and language are interconnected, outside films and other readings will provide students with relevant opportunities to explore the cultures, histories, and socio-political backgrounds of Spanish-speaking peoples.


Course Description for Spn. 314, Conversational Spanish I (taught by Dr. Robinson, 2021/2022):

This course will provide students with multiple opportunities to practice speaking Spanish via the exploration of a variety of readings and films. Additionally, this course will aim to accomplish the following:

  • Compare and contrast cultural practices from multiple perspectives
  • Improve students’ Spanish language and communication skills
  • Increase students’ knowledge of the aesthetic, historical and sociopolitical underpinnings of Spanish language, literature, and culture
  • Refine students’ understanding of filmic and literary terminology and criticism


Course Description for Spn. 312, Survey of Spanish-American Culture (taught by Dr. Robinson, 2022):

“A survey of cultural and economic development as well as geographical landscape of the Spanish American countries. Conducted in Spanish” (Current BU Catalog).

This course is an introduction to the diversity and complexity of Latin America and the Caribbean through literature. Much can be ascertained about a country, its landscapes, and its cultures through its literary production. From Pre-Columbian indigenous histories and cultures to contemporary works and struggles, Spn. 312 will explore different literary works from major time periods and movements such as the colonial period, the Baroque, independence movements, Romanticism, Realism, modernismo, the van guardia, Boom, post-Boom, memory literature, etc. and the cultural milieux in which these works developed.


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