Society of St. Angela Merici

Reverend Leonard Alvey †
Homer and Eleanor † Barton
James and Elizabeth Bellew
Ann Teresa Berry †
Thomas † and Regina † Birkhead
Anthony † and Ann † Bittel
Roy Black †
Wendell † and Mary Booth
Evelyn Bowles
James L. Bowles †
Sister Vivian Bowles
J. L. Byrne
Alberta Cissell †
Stephen Coomes †
Lucy Coots †
James Eaton †
Suzetta Mulligan Ebelhar †
Margaret O. Fitts †
Joseph L. † and Laura U. † Fono
Jacinta Tichenor Garinger
Faye Alvin † and Floretta † Gehres
Sister Ruth Gehres
Martha Gipe †
E. M. Gish †
Tobe † and Roxie P. Gish
Carl and Molly Greenwell
Billie Mahoney Gubler †
Joseph C. and Dr. Suzanne King Hagan
Michael Hagan
Theodore Hanekamp †
Helen Hart †
Donald and Teresa Hayden
Theresa Hayden
Priscilla Head †
Darrell and Denise Higginbotham
Msgr. John M. Higgins †
James A. Hopkins †
Reverend Larry Hostetter
Roger and Marian Jones
Emma Kaelin †
James Kennady †
Cynthia Kinney, Ph.D.
William and Carrie † Kuegel
Reverend Peter Lauzon †
David and Nancy Leffel
Bennett Ligon †
Jean Lonergan †
Mary Manci
Robert McDowell †
Dr. Deane McLelland
Helen Medley †
Jane Medley †
Sallie Berry Merry †
Reverend Joseph Mills
Margaret Moorman
Edward † and Lottie † Nawoj
Nicholas Neisz †
Msgr. Joseph A. O’Bryan †
Larry and Connie O’Bryan
Joseph W. Onischak †
Henry † and Eudora † Payne
Richard Payne †
Carrie Pennebaker †
Brother Carroll Posey
Charles D. Ralph †
John † and Margaret † Reisz
Mary Ann Rhodes †
Joseph and Mary Riney
Reverend Phil Riney †
C. H. † and Sue M. † Roberts
Reverend Charles Saffer †
Gary and Patricia Satterwhite
Danny Self
Alan Sims
Mary Smith †
Fred Stephens †
Dorothy Stevenson †
Ernie and Shirley Taliaferro
Marion Thrasher †
Ronald and Catherine Tisch
Michael Uebelhor
Ursuline Sisters of
Mount Saint Joseph
Robert and Mary Ventimiglia
Josephine Weill †
Marilyn Young †