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RA Programs

RA's for 2011-2012Programming can provide students with an avenue for stimulating their development socially, intellectually, physically, culturally, and spiritually. It encourages an environment conducive to studying, learning, and becoming more aware of oneself and those around us. The programs that the RA’s at Brescia University plan and implement are focused on achieving these goals and building a strong, healthy community within the residence halls in which the students are living.

Programs are meant to be fun, uplifting and informative. The members of the Residence Life Staff strive to find creative and fun ways to explore different issues and act as peer teachers. Bringing students together to have fun while they learn helps some students to begin breaking down social barriers and become a very active member of the Brescia Community. Some examples from this year’s programming are as follows:

  • Educational Rave with preventative information on “club drugs”
  • Smoothie Night with nutritional health information
  • Drunk Driving Simulator and course
  • Blessing of the Halls with Campus Ministry
  • Real Mexican Food with cultural information