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Orientation Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. When exactly do I have to be at New Student Orientation?

A. Saturday, August 12th through Monday, August 14th, 2017. Orientation is mandatory, as part of the Brescia 101 course requirements… because we know it is just that important!

Q. What parts of New Student Orientation are mandatory?

A. Everything! Both educational and social sessions/events are mandatory for students because each and every scheduled event is designed to help new students be as successful as possible during their first year in college, inside and outside of the classroom.

Q. If I have a job, do I have to miss work for New Student Orientation?

A. Yes. Orientation is mandatory, as part of the Brescia 101 course requirements, and will run pretty much from morning to evening August 12-14. Like any other class assignment, you have to be present to get credit! We encourage you to take full advantage of all educational and social aspects of Orientation.

Q. I am a transfer student… is Orientation mandatory for me?

A. While Orientation isn’t a course requirement for students transferring with more than 15 credits, it is still strongly recommended that you attend. It will give you the opportunity to get yourself comfortable with your new surroundings, get to know other students, and learn about the resources available to you.

Q. If New Student Orientation is mandatory, do I need to register or sign up?

A. Yes! The registration process provides us with information we need to be prepared for you. It also tells us whether you are bringing guests to Day 1, August 12th, 2017. Registration is available online, on the Orientation and New Students web page. We will also sent you a postcard reminder in the mail.

Q. I already registered for Orientation, but I forgot to include information about my guests on August 12th (or I need to change my guest information). How do I change that information?

A. Call us at 270-686-4336, and we will be happy to update your registration.

Q. Can parents/family attend New Student Orientation?

A. Yes, on the first day, August 12th! We have planned sessions to help answer some of their questions about the important connection family members can have to the Brescia University experience. Parents and family will also have the opportunity to meet their student’s advisor, and learn about the BU 101 course experience their student can expect.

Q. Is there a fee for New Student Orientation, and what does it include?

A. Yes, there is a $225 student fee that is automatically charged to your student account. It covers all of the costs (meals, materials, sessions, entertainment, etc.) during Orientation. If you bring family members to Day 1 of Orientation, there is a per guest cost to cover meals and materials for them. That cost can be paid when you register for Orientation.

Q. Are meals provided during New Student Orientation?

A. Yes! All of your meals will either be covered by your meal plan (if you are a resident) or by the New Student Orientation program.