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Ordering Your Textbooks

If you have any questions, not answered below, please call 270-686-4255.

Directions for Ordering Your Books from the MBS Direct ON-LINE Bookstore for Brescia University Classes:

  1. Click on this link: Online Bookstore.
  2.  A page will come up with the box labeled “Order Your Books” on it. Click on that box.
  3.  Then a page will come up with two options of how you would like to pay. You will need to choose the one that applies to you.
    1. You are not receiving financial aid to cover the cost of your books, so you will be paying with a credit card.
    2. You are receiving financial aid (book voucher) to cover the cost of your books.
  4.   If you are receiving financial aid, you will need to click on the option on the right side of the screen for receiving Financial Aid. Then you will need to type in your student ID number which is located on your Student ID Card. (This card was made the day you registered and it has your picture on it. If you have not yet received it personally, you may call the Student Development Office and ask what your ID number is.) You will also have to type in your “Voucher Number”. If you have not received this in the mail, you may call the Cashier’s Office and ask what your Voucher Number is. After you have supplied these “IDs”, click on the box that says, “Continue”.
  5. After you have selected the option for payment,  A box will come up that asks you to select the “Term” for which you are seeking the text book listing. Select “Spring, 2014”.
  6.  A screen will come up listing the class offerings for the Spring, 2014 semester. Check the classes you are taking for that term and when you have checked them, click on the box that says “Continue”. Note: Be attentive to the “section” of the class for which you are enrolled.
  7.  Pictures of and information about the text books required for each of your classes will appear on the screen as well as prices for text in “new” or “used” condition. Select those you wish to order. After you have selected all that you are particularly interested in ordering, click on the box that says “Continue”.
  8.  A screen will offer you “optional materials”. Choose any of these you wish, but remember these are optional…not required.
  9.  A screen will appear giving you the option to remove things from your “shopping cart” and giving you the “total cost of your order” Double check your order and remove any items you do not want to order.
  10.  A screen will appear called “Begin Your Check Out Process.” Supply the appropriate information and click on “Continue.”
  11.  A screen will appear called “Registration”. Supply the appropriate information and click on continue.
  12.  The “Shipping and Billing Information” screen will appear. If you wish, you may have the books shipped to the Brescia Bookstore at 101 West 9th Street, Owensboro, KY. We will notify you when your shipment has arrived and you may pick them up at the Bookstore sometime when you are on campus. You may also have them shipped to your home address. Select the method of shipping you prefer and click on the appropriate box. Also select the method of payment that applies to you and click on the appropriate box.
  13.  Should you wish to make changes before you submit the shipping and payment-information page, you can always go back and change your entries.
  14.  Congratulations! You have ordered your books!