Northcentral Technical College Agreement

Brescia University also has an agreement with Northcentral Technical College in Wisconsin through which NTC students earning an associate of applied science degree in Human Services can, with careful planning from the beginning of the college experience, transition seamlessly into Brescia’s baccalaureate in Psychology and complete the degree within four years total study. According to this agreement, NTC students transfer into Brescia as juniors, bringing a maximum of 62 transfer credits, including a maximum of 15 credit hours that may be applied to the Psychology major. Because the NTC associate is a technical rather than an A.A. or A.S. degree, additional General Education courses will most likely be required from Brescia, including credits in math, the sciences, fine arts, and theology. At least 66 credit hours must be earned at Brescia, including 42 upper-division credits.

Intro to Human ServicesFree Elective3
Intro to CounselingPsych Elective3
Crisis InterventionFree Elective3
APA writingFree Elective1
Eng Comp IENG 1013
Intro to PsychPsych Requirement3
Boundaries and EthicsPhilosophy GER3
Methods of CaseworkFree Elective3
American Govt SOC & Behavioral Science GER3
Abnormal PsychPsych Requirement3
Dev PsychPsych Requirement3
Behavior AssessmentFree Elective3
Group CounselingFree Elective3
Child MaltreatmentFree Elective3
Intro StatsMTH 250 Psych Requirement3
Intro to EthicsFree Elective3
SexualityFree Elective3
Professional readinessFree Elective1
GerontologySOC & Behavioral Science GER3
Diversity StudiesSOC & Behavioral Science GER3
SpeechSPH 110 GER3
General BiologyBIO GER3
Total Accepted = 62 Credit Hours
Brescia University FulfillsHours
ENG 102Writing GER3
ENG 201Lower Level Literature GER3
SPN 101Modern Language GER3
ENG 341 or 342Upper Division Lit GER3
TH 318Theology GER3
TH 310Theology GER3
DRM 321Upper Level Free GER3
ART 180Fine Arts GER3
MUS 100Fine Arts GER3
MTH 111Math GER3
CS XXXComputer GER3
HIS 339Global History GER3
PSY 270Psych Requirement3
PSY 365Psych Requirement3
PSY 380Psych Requirement3
PSY 405Psych Requirement3
PSY 406Psych Requirement3
PSY Upper DivisionPsych Elective3
PSY Upper DivisionPsych Elective3
PSY Upper DivisionPsych Elective3
PSY Upper DivisionPsych Elective3
PSY Upper DivisionPsych Elective3

Brescia Requirements: a) 66 hours from Brescia University; b) 42 upper division hours; c) 128 total hours for Baccalaureate Degree