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 October Arrivals

005.72 C454Learn CSS in one day and learn it well (includes HTML5): CSS for beginners with hands-on project / Jamie ChanStacks
005.72 M996Smarter way to learn HTML & CSS: learn it faster. Remember it longer / Mark MyersStacks
070.92 M479NMary McGrory: the first queen of journalism / John NorrisStacks
Electronic BookResearching in a digital world (computer file): how do I teach my students to conduct quality online research? / Erik PalmerGaleVR
100 G987What philosophy can do / Gary GuttingStacks
220.77 C697Collegeville Bible commentary: based on the New American Bible with revised New TestamentStacks
227.06 M366Gospel according to St. Paul: meditations on his life and letters / Cardinal Carlo Maria MartiniStacks
230.2 E64Scriptural roots of Catholic teaching: how the Bible proves the truth of the Catholic faith / Chantal EpieStacks
232 M379Jesus: a pilgrimage / James MartinStacks
238.2 C363 2000Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2nd ed.Stacks
DVD 264.83628 R411Renewal (videorecording)Main Floor
305.800973 J95Beneath the surface of white supremacy: denaturalizing U.S. racisms past and present / Moon-Kie JungStacks
320.54092 M243EMalcolm X’s Michigan worldview: an exemplar for contemporary black studies / edited by Rita Kiki EdozieStacks
320.9747 G629Machine made: Tammany Hall and the creation of modern American politics / Terry GolwayStacks
323.1196073 L269Black America in the shadow of the sixties: notes on the civil rights movement, neoliberalism, and politics / Clarence LangStacks
327.73 M659Worldmaking: the art and science of American diplomacy / David MilneStacks
363.8 B775End of plenty: the race to feed a crowded world / Joel K. BourneStacks
371.010973 M499Allure of order: high hopes, dashed expectations, and the troubled quest to remake American schooling / Jal MehtaStacks
371.102 S711Best practices for teacher leadership: what award-winning teachers do for their professional learning communities / Randi StoneStacks
371.826 M660Raceing to class: confronting poverty and race in schools and classrooms / H. Richard MilnerStacks
377.82 R411Renewing the mind: a reader in the philosophy of Catholic education / edited by Ryan ToppingStacks
Electronic BookTeaching the core skills of listening and speaking (computer file) / Erik PalmerGaleVR
Electronic BookEnd game (computer file): how inequality shapes our final years / Corey M. AbramsonEBSCO
Electronic BookMoral defense of homosexuality (computer file): why every argument against gay rights fails / Chris MeyersEBSCO
Electronic BookWar and democratic constraint (computer file): how the public influences foreign policy / Matthew A. BaumEBSCO
Electronic BookPresident as economist (computer file): scoring economic performance from Harry Truman to Barack ObamaGaleVR
Electronic BookNatural capital (computer file): valuing the planet / Dieter HelmEBSCO
Electronic BookSize of others’ burdens (computer file): Barack Obama, Jane Addams, and the politics of helping others / Erik SchneiderhanEBSCO
Electronic BookIllness or deviance? (computer file): drug courts, drug treatment, and the ambiguity of addiction / Jennifer MurphyEBSCO
Electronic BookAmerican environmental policy (computer file): the failures of compliance, abatement and mitigation / Daniel PressEBSCO
Electronic BookProtecting our kids? (computer file): how sex offender laws are failing us / Emily HorowitzEBSCO
Electronic BookHandling student frustrations (computer file): how do I help students manage emotions in the classroom? / Renate Nummela CaineGaleVR
Electronic BookMemory at work in the classroom (computer file): strategies to help underachieving students / Francis BaileyGaleVR
Electronic BookEncouragement in the classroom (computer file): how do I help students stay positive and focused? / Joan YoungGaleVR
Electronic BookEngaging minds in the classroom (computer file): the surprising power of joy / Michael F. OptizGaleVR
Electronic BookSparking student creativity (computer file): practical ways to promote innovative thinking and problem solving / Patti DrapeauGaleVR
Electronic BookHow teachers can turn data into action (computer file) / Daniel R. VenablesGaleVR
Electronic BookResilient teacher (computer file): how do I stay positive and effective when dealing with difficult people and policies? / Allen N. MendlerGaleVR
Electronic BookStress-busting strategies for teachers (computer file): how do I manage the pressures of teaching? / M. Nora MazzoneGaleVR
Electronic BookLearning from coaching (computer file): how do I work with an instructional coach to grow as a teacher? / Nina MorelGaleVR
Electronic BookTime to teach (computer file): how do I get organized and work smarter? / Jenny EdwardsGaleVR
Electronic BookWest meets East (computer file): best practices from expert teachers in the U.S. and China / Leslie GrantGaleVR
Electronic BookChecking for understanding (computer file): formative assessment techniques for your classroom / Douglas FisherGaleVR
Electronic BookManaging 21st century classrooms (computer file): how do I avoid ineffective classroom management practices? / Jane BluesteinGaleVR
Electronic BookSchool climate change (computer file): how do I build a positive environment for learning? / Peter M. DeWittGaleVR
Electronic BookEffective teacher interviews (computer file): how do I hire good teachers? / Jennifer L. HindmanGaleVR
Electronic BookFive levers to improve learning (computer file): how to prioritize for powerful results in your school / Tony FrontierGaleVR
Electronic BookData-driven classroom (computer file): how do I use student data to improve my instruction? / Craig A. MertierGaleVR
Electronic BookGrading smarter, not harder (computer file): assessment strategies that motivate kids and help them learn / Myron DueckGaleVR
Electronic BookHow to design questions and tasks to assess student thinking (computer file) / Susan M. BrookhartGaleVR
Electronic BookAuthentic learning in the digital age (computer file): engaging students through inquiry / Larissa PahomovGaleVR
Electronic BookTech-savvy administrator (computer file): how do I use technology to be a better school leader? / Steven W. AndersonGaleVR
Electronic BookStudent-led discussions (computer file): how do I promote rich conversations about books, videos, and other media? / Sandi NovakGaleVR
Electronic BookDifferentiated classroom (computer file): responding to the needs of all learners / Carol A. TomlinsonGaleVR
Electronic BookHanging in (computer file): strategies for teaching the students who challenge us most / Jeffrey BensonGaleVR
Electronic BookEngaging minds in science and math classrooms (computer file): the surprising power of joy / Eric BrunsellGaleVR
Electronic BookLearning in the fast lane (computer file): 8 ways to put all students on the road to academic success / Suzy Pepper RollinsGaleVR
Electronic BookVocab rehab (computer file): how do I teach vocabulary effectively with limited time? / Marilee SprengerGaleVR
Electronic BookEngaging minds in English language arts classrooms (computer file): the surprising power of joy / Mary Jo FreschGaleVR
Electronic BookRead, write, lead (computer file): breakthrough strategies for schoolwide literacy success / Regie RoutmanGaleVR
Electronic BookTotal literacy techniques (computer file): tools to help students analyze literature and informational texts / Persida HimmeleGaleVR
Electronic BookEngaging minds in social studies classrooms (computer file): the surprising power of joy / James A. EreksonGaleVR
Electronic BookDifferentiated approach to the Common Core (computer file): how do I help a broad range of learners succeed with challenging curriculum? / Carol A. TomlinsonGaleVR
508.769 B261Kentucky naturally: the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund at work / Thomas G. BarnesKentucky
Electronic BookEnding the fossil fuel era (computer file) / Thomas PrincenEBSCO
Electronic BookRadium and the secret of life (computer file) / Luis A. CamposEBSCO
616.8526 F686Food addicts in Recovery AnonymousStacks
Electronic BookEngineering essentials for STEM instruction (computer file): how do I infuse real-world problem solving into science, technology, and math? / Pamela TruesdellGaleVR
709.45 P275Art of Renaissance Venice, 1400-1600 / Loren PartridgeStacks
709.52 B566Between action and the unknown: the art of Kazuo Shiraga and Sadamasa Motonaga / edited by Gabriel RitterStacks
720.151 A673Architecture and mathematics from antiquity to the future: vol. 1: antiquity to the 1500s / edited by Kim WilliamsStacks
741.6 S447Graphic design for nondesigners: essential knowledge, tips, and tricks, plus 20 step-by-step projects for the design novice / Tony SeddonStacks
CD 781.723 P581Family Christmas (sound recording) / Piano GuysMain Floor
CD 782.14 C345Calvary (sound recording): original motion picture soundtrack / Patrick CassidyMain Floor
CD 782.25 C353Thrive (sound recording) / Casting CrownsMain Floor
CD 782.42164 D671Amore infinito (sound recording): songs inspired by the poems of John Paul II – Karol WojtylaMain Floor
CD 782.42164 P581Wonders (sound recording) / Piano GuysMain Floor
790 P986From playgrounds to PlayStation: the interaction of technology and play / Carroll PursellStacks
DVD 791.4372 P682 2015Pitch perfect 2 (videorecording)Main Floor
DVD 791.4372 T531Three sovereigns for Sarah (videorecording)Main Floor
810.935873 C178Cambridge companion to American civil rights literature / edited by Julie ArmstrongStacks
813.5209 M479Beyond Gatsby: how Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and writers of the 1920s shaped American culture / Robert McParlandStacks
907.2 H939Writing history in the global era / Lynn HuntStacks
930 A542Ancient world (2700 B.C.E. – 50 C.E.) (Series: Defining documents in World history) / edited by Michael Shally-JensenReference
952 W177Concise history of Japan / Brett L. WalkerStacks
959.7043 V667Vietnam War (1956-1975) (Series: Defining documents in American history) / editor, Michael Shally-JensenReference
973.711 O11Scorpion’s sting: antislavery and the coming of the Civil War / James OakesStacks
Electronic BookGettysburg Address (computer file): perspectives on Lincoln’s greatest speech / Sean ConantEBSCO