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Titles Processed in April, 2015


001.4226 B736 Visual insights : a practical guide to making sense of data / Katy Börner & David E. Polley, [2014] Stacks
004.09 I74 Innovators : how a group of hackers, geniuses, and geeks created the digital revolution / Walter Isaacson, 2014. Stacks
098 S281 Books under fire : a hit list of banned and challenged children’s books / Pat Scales for the Office for Intellectual Freedom, 2015. Reference
111.85 M643 Eco-aesthetics : art, literature and architecture in a period of climate change / Malcolm Miles, 2014. Stacks
152.4 L571 Happiness : a philosopher’s guide / Frédéric Lenoir ; translated by Andrew Brown, [2015]. Stacks
155.2 C899 World beyond your head : on becoming an individual in an age of distraction / Matthew B. Crawford, 2015. Stacks
155.3 D571 Love and war : how militarism shapes sexuality and romance / Tom Digby, [2014] Stacks
174.96 D771 Galileo’s middle finger : heretics, activists, and the search for justice in science / Alice Dreger, 2015. Stacks
220.8 O98 Oxford encyclopedia of the Bible and ethics / Robert L. Brawley, EDITOR IN CHIEF, Vol. 1-2, [2014] Reference
230.2 T454s Thomas Aquinas’s Summa theologiae : a guide and commentary / Brian Davies, [2014] Stacks
270.1 O26 Pagans : the end of traditional religion and the rise of Christianity / James J. O’Donnell, [2015] Stacks
282 M335 Catholicism today : an introduction to the contemporary Catholic Church / Evyatar Marienberg, 2015. Stacks
300.7173 C898 Developing quantitative literacy skills in history and the social sciences : a web-based common core standards approach / Kathleen Craver, [2014] Stacks
305.50973 P989 Our kids : the American Dream in crisis / Robert D. Putnam, 2015. Stacks
305.800973 C456 Who we be : the colorization of America / Jeff Chang, October 2014. Stacks
306.7 D794 Classification of sex : Alfred Kinsey and the organization of knowledge / Donna J. Drucker, [2014] Stacks
306.8742 G618 Father time : the social clock and the timing of fatherhood / Wendy A. Goldberg, Department of Psychology and Social Behavior, School of Social Ecology, University of California, Irvine, USA, [ 2014] Stacks
325.73 T865 Dreamers : an immigrant generation’s fight for their American dream / Eileen Truax, [2015] Stacks
333.95 B616 Biological diversity : frontiers in measurement and assessment / edited by Anne E. Magurran and Brian J. McGill, [2011] Stacks
338.9 P659 How does my country grow? : economic advice through storytelling / Brian Pinto, 2014. Stacks
342.73029 M479 Liberty, order, and justice : an introduction to the constitutional principles of American government / James McClellan, ©2000. Stacks
362.11 R347 Selling our souls : the commodification of hospital care in the United States / Adam D. Reich, [2014] Stacks
362.4086 K52 Paying with their bodies : American war and the problem of the disabled veteran / John M. Kinder, 2015. Stacks
DVD 362.88082 P297 Path appears [videorecording] / Independent Lens special presentation ; Show of Force presents in association with ITVS ; executive producers, Maro Chermayeff, Jamie Gordon, Jeff Dupre ; series producer, Joshua Bennett ; directed by Maro Chermayeff, 2 videodiscs, [2015] Main Floor
363.7387 B947 Understanding climate change : science, policy, and practice / Sarah L. Burch and Sara E. Harris, [2014] Stacks
370.115 T693 First Freire : early writings in social justice education / Carlos Alberto Torres ; foreword by Moacir Gadotti, [2014] Stacks
370.19342 G865 How I shed my skin : unlearning the racist lessons of a Southern childhood / Jim Grimsley, 2015. Stacks
371.1 C637 Those good Gertrudes : a social history of women teachers in America / Geraldine J. Clifford, [2014] Stacks
371.102 G686 Education reform and the concept of good teaching / Derek Gottlieb, 2015. Stacks
371.1024 C678 Confronting school bullying : kids, culture, and the making of a social problem / Jeffrey W. Cohen and Robert A. Brooks, 2014. Stacks
371.3 M235 Making space for active learning : the art and practice of teaching / edited by Anne C. Martin, Ellen Schwartz ; foreword by Helen Featherstone, [2014] Stacks
371.903 E56 2014 Encyclopedia of special education : a reference for the education of children, adolescents, and adults with disabilities and other exceptional individuals / edited by Cecil R. Reynolds, Kimberly J. Vannest, and Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, Vol. 1-4, [2014] Reference
Electronic book Prejudice, bias & discrimination [computer file] / the editors of Salem Press, 2014. Gale
Electronic book Aging [computer file] / Noah Berlatsky, book editor, 2014. Gale
Electronic book Elderly issues & politics [computer file] / the editors of Salem Press, 2014. Gale
Electronic book Industrial revolution [computer file] : key themes and documents / James S. Olson with Shannon L. Kenny, [2015] Gale
Electronic book Brown v. Board of Education trial [computer file] / Julia Garbus, editor, [2015] Gale
Electronic book When good companies go bad [computer file] : 100 corporate miscalculations and misdeeds / Donald W. Beachler and Thomas Shevory, 2014. Gale
Electronic book Writing workouts to develop Common Core writing skills [computer file] : step-by-step exercises, activities, and tips for student success, grades 2-6 / Kendall Haven, [2015] Gale
428.2 N853 Between you & me : confessions of a Comma Queen / Mary Norris, [2015] Stacks
501 P267 It started with Copernicus : vital questions about science / Keith Parsons, 2014. Stacks
510 F470 50 visions of mathematics / edited by Sam Parc ; [with a foreword by Dara O Briain], 2014. Stacks
530.092 F435 Perfectly reasonable deviations from the beaten track : the letters of Richard P. Feynman / edited and with additional commentary by Michelle Feynman ; foreword by Timothy Ferris, ©2005. Stacks
541.22 G778 Molecules : the elements and the architecture of everything / Theodore Gray ; photographs by Nick Mann, [2014] Stacks
551.2209778 V152 Lost history of the New Madrid earthquakes / Conevery Bolton Valencius, [2013] Stacks
571.64 L942 Membrane structural biology : with biochemical and biophysical foundations / Mary Luckey, San Francisco State University, 2014. Stacks
575.1 S592 How to clone a mammoth : the science of de -extinction / Beth Shapiro, [2015] Stacks
597.92 B616 Biology and conservation of North American tortoises / edited by David C. Rostal, Earl D. McCoy, and Henry R. Mushinsky, [2014] Stacks
598.297 T325 Audubon Society encyclopedia of North American birds / by John K. Terres ; with a foreword by Dean Amadon, [1991] Reference
615.1 P578 2012 Physicians’ desk reference 2012, c2011. Reference
616.8982 A939 Autism spectrum disorders in adolescents and adults : evidence-based and promising interventions / edited by Matt Tincani, Andy Bondy, [2014] Stacks
616.959 C753 Human diseases from wildlife / Michael R. Conover, Director, Wildlife Resources Department, Jack H. Berryman Institute, Utah State University, Logan, USA, Rosanna M. Vail, Kansas State University, Manhattan, USA, [2015] Stacks
616.994 M954 Emperor of all maladies : a biography of cancer / Siddhartha Mukherjee, c2010. Stacks
629.45092 R544S Sally Ride : America’s first woman in space / Lynn Sherr, [2014] Stacks
650.69 W555 What Adam Smith knew : moral lessons on capitalism from its greatest champions and fiercest opponents / edited and introduced by James R. Otteson ; with a foreword by Allan H. Meltzer, [2014] Stacks
658.42 K22 Art of the start 2.0 : the time-tested, battle-hardened guide for anyone starting anything / Guy Kawasaki, 2015. Stacks
Electronic book Brain, the nervous system, and their diseases [computer file] / Jennifer L. Hellier, editor, [2015] Gale
Electronic book Eating disorders [computer file] / Julia Garbus, book editor, [2015] Gale
Electronic book Complete handbook of coaching [computer file] / edited by Elaine Cox, Tatiana Bachkirova, David Clutterbuck, 2014. Gale
701.1 U66 Just looking : essays on art / John Updike, [1989] Stacks
759.4 C425K Cézanne / Elizabeth Elias Kaufman, ©1980. Stacks
759.6 G724K Goya / [explanatory text by] Elizabeth Elias Kaufman, [©1980] Stacks
771 W681 Capture the moment : the modern photographer’s guide to finding beauty in everyday and family life / Sarah Wilkerson ; photography by the Clicking Moms community, [2015] Stacks
778.99 I31 Images of the world : photography at the National Geographic / [prepared by National Geographic Book Service], ©1981. Stacks
779.36 E95 Landmark : the fields of landscape photography / William A. Ewing, 2014. Stacks
780.0418 H249 Music and literacy connection / Dee Hansen, Elaine Bernstorf, and Gayle M. Stuber, [2014] Stacks
781.643 W988 In tune : Charley Patton, Jimmie Rodgers, and the roots of American music / Ben Wynne, [2014] Stacks
DVD 791.4372 I33 Imitation game [videorecording] / The Weinstein Company presents ; a Black Bear Pictures production ; a Bristol Automotive production ; produced by Nora Grossman, Ido Ostrowsky, Teddy Schwarzman ; written by Graham Moore ; directed by Morten Tyldum, [2015] Main Floor
DVD 791.4372 I62 Into the woods [videorecording] / Disney presents ; a Lucamar/Marc Platt production ; a Rob Marshall film ; produced by John DeLuca, Rob Marshall, Marc Platt, Callum McDougall ; screenplay by James Lapine ; music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim ; directed , [2015] Main Floor
DVD 791.4372 U56 Unbroken [videorecording] / Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures present ; directed by Angelina Jolie ; screenplay by Joel Coen & Ethan Coen and Richard LaGravenese and William Nicholson ; produced by Angelina Jolie, Clayton Townsend, Matthew Baer, E, [2015] Main Floor
DVD 791.4372 W668 Wild [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight Pictures presents ; in association with TSG Entertainment ; a Pacific Standard production ; directed by Jean-Marc Vallée ; screenplay by Nick Hornby ; produced by Reese Witherspoon, Bruna Papandrea, Bill Pohlad, [2015] Main Floor
DVD 791.4572 S286 Scarlet and the black [videorecording] / ITC Entertainment Group ; produced by Bill McCutchen ; written by David Butler ; directed by Jerry London ; an ITC-RAI, Radiotelevisione Italiana co-production for world distribution, [2003] Main Floor
808.1 H670 Ten windows : how great poems transform the world / Jane Hirshfield, 2015. Stacks
810.9 R225 Terrible beauty : the wilderness of American literature / Jonah Raskin, c2014. Stacks
811.3 W615 Illustrated Leaves of grass Introd. by William Carlos Williams. Edited by Howard Chapnick, [1971] Stacks
812.54 W727L Tennessee Williams : mad pilgrimage of the flesh / John Lahr, [2014] Stacks
813.0876 B627 Black and brown planets : the politics of race in science fiction / edited by Isiah Lavender, III, [2014] Stacks
823.7 S545J Life with Mary Shelley / Barbara Johnson ; with a foreword by Cathy Caruth ; introduction by Mary Wilson Carpenter ; and essays by Judith Butler and Shoshana Felman, [2014] Stacks
823.912 W913Wo Virginia Woolf’s late cultural criticism : the genesis of ‘The Years’, ‘Three guineas’ and ‘Between the acts’ / Alice Wood, [2015] Stacks
Electronic book Writing workouts to develop Common Core writing skills [computer file] : step-by-step exercises, activities, and tips for student success, grades 7-12 / Kendall Haven, [2015] Gale
909.09821 D153 Historians debate the rise of the West / Jonathan Daly, 2015. Stacks
940.27 V636 Congress of Vienna : power and politics after Napoleon / Brian E. Vick, 2014. Stacks
940.31 T672 Deluge : the Great War, America and the remaking of the global order, 1916-1931 / Adam Tooze, 2014. Stacks
946.043092 F315Pa Imprudent king : a new life of Philip II / Geoffrey Parker, [2014] Stacks
954 V835 Pariah problem : caste, religion, and the social in modern India / Rupa Viswanath, [2014] Stacks
956.9442 D896 Jerusalem unbound : geography, history, and the future of the holy city / Michael Dumper, 2014. Stacks
972.9403 G299 Haitian Revolution : a documentary history / edited and translated, with an introduction, by David Geggus, [2014] Reference
973.09 W337 Presidents’ wives : the office of the first lady in US politics / Robert P. Watson, 2014. Stacks
973.2 G248 Between two worlds : how the English became Americans / Malcolm Gaskill, [2014] Stacks
973.4 B292 For fear of an elective king : George Washington and the presidential title controversy of 1789 / Kathleen Bartoloni-Tuazon, 2014. Stacks
973.46092 J45He Thomas Jefferson’s Ethics and the Politics of Human Progress : the Morality of a Slaveholder / Ari Helo, 2014. Stacks
973.76856 J18 For cause & for country : a study of the affair at Spring Hill & the Battle of Franklin / Eric A. Jacobson ; co-author Richard A. Rupp, c2008. Stacks
973.917092 R782P Hissing cousins : the untold story of Eleanor Roosevelt and Alice Roosevelt Longworth / Marc Peyser and Timothy Dwyer, [2015] Stacks
973.927 B995 Iran-Contra : Reagan’s scandal and the unchecked abuse of presidential power / Malcolm Byrne ; foreword by Bruce Riedel, [2014] Stacks
973.932092 O13S Michelle Obama : a life / Peter Slevin, 2015. Stacks
Electronic book 21st century geography [computer file] : a reference handbook / Joseph P. Stoltman, editor, c2012. Gale