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Titles Processed in August, 2015


005.8 S577d Data and Goliath: the hidden battles to collect your data and control your world / Bruce Schneier Stacks
021.7 B625 Start a revolution: stop acting like a library / Ben Bizzle Stacks
070.92 A462M Taking on the world: Joseph and Stewart Alsop – guardians of the American century / Robert W. Merry Stacks
123.5 S969 Philosophy of freedom / Lars Svendsen Stacks
128.2 L668 Consciousness and moral responsibility / Neil Levy Stacks
155.67 R113 Aging mind: an owner’s manual / Patrick Rabbitt Stacks
220 B582d Didache Bible Reference
223.1 B183 Have you considered my servant Job?: understanding the Biblical archetype of patience / Samuel E. Balentine Stacks
262.13092 J65Kw Man of the century: the life and times of Pope John Paul II / Jonathan Kwitny Stacks
265.85 L848 Accompany them with singing – the Christian funeral / Thomas G. Long Stacks
DVD 282.092 N553 Lead kindly light: the life and message of Blessed John Henry Newman (videorecording) Main Floor
Electronic Book Emotional intelligence of Jesus (computer file): relational smarts for religious leaders / Roy M. Oswald EBSCO
301.451 K53t Testament of hope: the essential writings and speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. / edited by James Melvin Washington Stacks
320.1 M149pr Prince / Niccolo Machiavelli Stacks
330 C456 Economics: the user’s guide / Ha-Joon Chang Stacks
331.88094 M678 Catholic labor movements in Europe: social thought and action, 1914-1965 / Paul Misner Stacks
332.678 M251 2015 Random walk down Wall Street: the time-tested strategy for successful investing / Burton G. Malkiel Stacks
338.9 S121a Age of sustainable development / Jeffrey D. Sachs Stacks
340.092 S847 Just mercy: a story of justice and redemption / Bryan Stevenson Stacks
355.02 C616 1991 On war / Carl von Clausewitz Stacks
362.4 D290e Enabling acts: the hidden story of how the Americans with Disabilities Act gave the largest US minority its rights / Lennard J. Davis Stacks
370.157 B416 Teaching for creativity in the common core classroom / Ronald A. Beghetto Stacks
377.8273 A512 American Catholic higher education in the 21st century: critical challenges / edited by Robert R. Newton Stacks
398 A658 Arabian Nights entertainments / translated by Sir Richard Burton Stacks
398.209 W279 Once upon a time: a short history of fairy tale / Marina Warner Stacks
Electronic Book Citizenship and mental health (computer file) / Michael Rowe EBSCO
Electronic Book New views on pornography (computer file): sexuality, politics, and the law / edited by Lynn Comella EBSCO
575 L265v Vital question: energy, evolution, and the origins of complex life / Nick Lane Stacks
591.51 S129 Beyond words: what animals think and feel / Carl Safina Stacks
Electronic Book Mathematics, poetry, and beauty (computer file) / Ron Aharoni EBSCO
Electronic Book Half-life (computer file): the divided life of Bruno Pontecorvo, physicist or spy / Frank Close EBSCO
616.8521 F892 Healing the traumatized self: consciousness, neuroscience, treatment / Paul Frewen Stacks
658.314 F911 Best place to work: the art and science of creating an extraordinary workplace / Ron Friedman Stacks
658.408 A374 Corporate social irresponsibility / Paula Alexander Stacks
658.42 D538 Bold: how to go big, create wealth and impact the world / Peter H. Diamandis Stacks
701 K37 Six drawing lessons / William Kentridge Stacks
784.71 K29 Anthem quality: national songs: a theoretical survey / Christopher Kelen Stacks
DVD 791.4372 W872 Woman in gold (videorecording) Main Floor
808.06630 M637 Crafting scholarship in the behavioral and social sciences: writing, reviewing, and editing / Robert M. Milardo Reference
810.9 R894 Conversations with American writers / Charles Ruas Stacks
813.3 S892unc 1979 Uncle Tom’s Cabin or, Life among the lowly / Harriet Beecher Stowe Stacks
813.4 J27po Portrait of a lady / Henry James Stacks
AB 813.54 K16 Silence that speaks: a forensic instincts novel / Andrea Kane Main Floor
813.54 L478g Go set a watchman: a novel / Harper Lee Stacks
AB 813.54 W894c Calamity Janes. Lauren / Sherryl Woods Main Floor
AB 813.6 J12n Never die alone / Lisa Jackson Main Floor
AB 813.6 M253 Thrill me / Susan Mallery Main Floor
817.4 C625adv Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: [Tom Sawyer’s companion] / Mark Twain Stacks
818.3 T488wal Walden or Life in the woods / Henry David Thoreau Stacks
823.5 F459h History of Tom Jones: a foundling / Henry Fielding Stacks
823.8 T363v Vanity fair: a novel without a hero / William Makepeace Thackeray Stacks
AB 823.92 R362 Tournament: a novel / Matthew Reilly Main Floor
843.8 F587m Madame Bovary / Gustave Flaubert Stacks
851.1 D192pa Paradiso: a verse translation / Dante Alighieri Stacks
882.01 A253or Oresteia / Aeschylus Stacks
891.72 C515t Two plays of Anton Chekhov: the cherry orchard, Three sisters / Anton Chekhov Stacks
Electronic Book New Oxford book of war poetry (computer file) / edited by Jon Stallworthy, 2nd ed. EBSCO
Electronic Book Contemporary approaches in literary trauma theory (computer file) / edited by Michelle Balaev EBSCO
Electronic Book War that used up words (computer file): American writers and the First World War / Hazel Hutchison EBSCO
907.2 Y84 2015 Recording oral history: a guide for the humanities and social sciences (3rd ed.) / Valerie Raleigh Yow Stacks
907.2073 N943 That noble dream: the “objectivity question” and the American historical profession / Peter Novick Stacks
909.08 E64 Unseen hand: an introduction to the conspiratorial view of history / A. Ralph Epperson Stacks
930 C581 Cities that shaped the ancient world / edited by John Julius Norwich Stacks
973.922 NEF Vendetta: Bobby Kennedy versus Jimmy Hoffa / James Neff Bestseller
973.924092 N736We One man against the world: the tragedy of Richard Nixon / Tim Weiner Stacks
978 BUC Oregon Trail: a new American journey / Rinker Buck Bestseller
Electronic Book Native women and land (computer file): narratives of dispossession and resurgence / Stephanie J. Fitzgerald EBSCO
Electronic Book Most glorious ride (computer file): the diaries of Theodore Roosevelt, 1877-1886 / edited by Edward P. Kohn EBSCO