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MBA Program Structure

MBA students benefit from the networking, team-building and synergies created by progressing through the entire curriculum as a cohort. Participants have the opportunity to begin the program at two start dates each year – January or August – and progress as a cohort group to complete their degrees. The cohort class structure provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen the student’s professional network.

The program is offered in two four-hour sessions on four alternating Saturdays (one week between each session). Assignments, readings, and other activities are delivered to students prior to class. Students are usually expected to complete assignments at home prior to the first class session, between class sessions, and after the last session.

The MBA Learning Process:

The MBA degree program does not make the acquisition of theory and knowledge an end in itself. Instead, learning processes are highly diverse and focus on participant-centered learning designs to enhance the development of long term, career managerial skills and abilities; these designs include lecture/summaries, peer and team learning, simulations, management development experiences and exercises, software applications, individual and group presentations, and multiple -level writing assignments. Computer integration is applied throughout the curriculum. Clarity of both written and oral communication is a critical component. The course material and faculty members’ individual styles determine the choice of teaching/learning methodology.