KCTCS Articulation Agreement

Transferring to Brescia University from one of Kentucky’s community and technical colleges (KCTCS), and especially from Owensboro Community and Technical College (OCTC), is simple, using our long-standing articulation agreement. According to this agreement, Brescia University accepts from any graduate from a KCTCS institution (including OCTC) with an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree a minimum of sixty (60) transfer credits (but no more than 67), and junior class standing.

An Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree will also satisfy forty-eight hours of Brescia University’s General Education Requirements (GERs) provided the student completes at least one class in world history, foreign language, literature, fine arts, philosophy, and religion. Courses not completed at a KCTCS institution will have to be completed at Brescia University as part of the student’s free elective coursework. Also, at least six credit hours of a student’s free elective courses will have to be completed at the 300 or 400 level.

Certain majors may require specific courses within the GER; such requirements will take precedence over the Articulation Agreement. Students should consult the major requirements described in the Academic Programs section of the Brescia University Catalog.

For additional information about Brescia University, please contact us today at [email protected], 1-877-BRESCIA, or 270-686-4241.

The following is meant to be a guide to how courses from Owensboro Community and Technical College courses will transfer to Brescia University.  Generally community college credits yield credit for graduation, they do not count as upper division and fulfillment may vary by major and program.  Students should check with their admissions counselor or academic advisor for exact transfer credit information.

GER = General Education Requirement  
Owensboro Community & Technical College CourseGERBrescia Course
ACC 201 Financial AccountingNoACC 201 Principles of Accounting 1
ACC 202 Managerial AccountingNoACC 202 Principles of Accounting 2
AHS 115 Medical TerminologyNoBIO 120 Medical Terminology
ART 100 Intro to ArtYesART 180 Art Appreication
ART 105 Ancient Through Medieval ArtYesART 280 History of Art I
ART 106 Renaissance thru Modern Art HistoryYesART 281 History of Art II
ART 110 Drawing IYesART 101
ART 112 2-Dimensional DesignYesART 111
IDT 100 Fundamentals of DesignYesART 111
ART 113 3-Dimensional DesignYesART 225 3-Dimensional Design OR ART 211 Design II
ART 203 Renaissance Art HistoryYesART 380 Renaissance Art History
ART 204 Modern Art HistoryYesART 481
ART 208 School Art EducationYesART 370 School Art Methods
ART 210 Drawing IINoART 202
ART 211 Life DrawingNoART 303 Drawing III
ART 220 Painting INoART 331
ART 221 Painting IINoART 431
ART 240 Ceramics IYesART 240 Ceramics I
ART 241 Ceramics IINoART 340 Ceramics 2
ART 251 Graphics Com. INoART 210 Graphic Design I
IDL 123 Multimedia Design and DevelopmentNoART 210 Graphic Design I (or elective)
IDL 213 Designing in Graphic AppsNoART 210 Graphic Design I (or elective)
IDT 120 Digital Design ToolsNoART 210 Graphic Design I (or elective)
IMD 115 Intro to Graphic DesignNoART 210 Graphic Design I (or elective)
IMD 126 Intro to Desktop PublishingNoART 210 Graphic Design I (or elective)
IMD 127 Vector DesignNoART 210 Graphic Design I OR ART 316 Graphic Design II
IMD 128 Raster Design with Adobe Photo ArtNoART 210 Graphic Design I OR ART 316 Graphic Design II
IMD 133 Beginning Web DesignNoART 210 Graphic Design I OR ART 316 Graphic Design II
IMD 180 Intermediate Web DesignNoART 316 Graphic Design II OR Art Elective
IMD 221 Computer GraphicsNoArt Elective
IMD 226 Advanced Desktop PublishingNoART 210 Graphic Design I OR ART 316 Graphic Design II
IMD 228 Advanced PhotoshopNoART 210 Graphic Design I OR ART 316 Graphic Design II
IMD 229 Advanced IllustratorNoART 210 Graphic Design I OR ART 316 Graphic Design II
IMD 230 Advanced Web DesignNoArt Elective
IMD 232 Web Design with Dreamweaver NoART 210 Graphic Design I OR ART 316 Graphic Design II
IMD 240 Multimedia Development for WebNoArt Elective
ART 253 Graphic Computer IINoART 316 Graphic Design II
IDL 223NoART 316 Graphic Design II
ART 270 PrintmakingNoART 350
ART 271 Printmaking IINoART 351
ART 281 Digital Photography IYesART 160 Basic Photography I
IMD 290YesART 160 Basic Photography I
IDL 217 Multimedia DevelopmentNoArt Major Elective
IDL 110 Modeling and Animation INoArt Major Elective
IDT 170 Project StrategyNoArt Major Elective
IDT 210 Modeling and AnimationNoArt Major Elective
AST 191 The Solar SystemYesPHS 104 Elements of Astronomy
BAS 212 Introduction to Financial ManagementNoFIN 314 Managerial Finance
BAS 256 International BusinessNoBAD 320 International Business
BAS 267 Introduction to Business Law or MGT NoBAD 301 Business Law
BA 274 Human Resource ManagementNoMGT 315 Personnel/HR Management
MGT 274YesMGT 315
BAS 282 Principles of MarketingNoMKT 307 Marketing Concepts
BA 283 Principles of ManagementNoMGT 306 Management Concepts
MGT 283 Principles of ManagementNoMGT 306 Management Concepts
STA 291 Statistical MethodNoBAD 318 Business Statistics
BAS 293 Principles of FinanceNoFIN 308 Financial Concepts/Principles
BAS 294 Money and Financial InstitutionsNoECO 307 Money and Banking
BIO 112 Introduction to Biology + BIO 113 Introduction to Biology LabYesBIO 100 Intro to Biology with lab
BIO 120 Human EcologyYesBIO 110 Intro to Environmental Science
BIO 137 Human Anatomy and Physiology INoBIO 201 Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 150 Principles of Biology I + BIO 151 Principles of Biology LabYesBIO 115 Molecular and Cell Biology with lab
BIO 152/153 Principles of Biology 2 with labYesBIO 105 Ecology and Evolution with lab
BIO 227 Principles of Microbiology with labNoBIO 311 with lab
CHE 140 Introductory General Chemistry + CHE 145 Introductory General Chemistry LabYesCHM 100 Intro to Chemistry with lab
CHE 170 General College Chemistry IYesCHM 101 General Chemistry I
CHE 175 General College Chemistry Lab IYesCHM 101 Lab
CHE 180 General College Chemistry 2NoCHM 102 General Chemistry II
CHE 185 General College Chemistry II LabNoCHM 102 Lab
CHE 270 Organic Chemistry INoCHM 301 Organic Chemistry I
CHE 275 Organic Chemistry Lab INoCHM 301 Lab
CHE 280 Organic Chemistry 2 + CHE 285 Organic Chemistry Lab2NoCHM 302 with lab
CIT 105 Introduction to ComputingYesCS 101/103 CS 105 & BAD 103
CIT 130 Productivity SoftwareYesBAD 103 or CS 107/108/109
CIT 142 OR 147 C++ or Programming I LanguageYesCS 110 Programming I
CIT 149 Java INoCS 111 Programming II
CIT 155 Web Page DevelopmentYesCS 108
CIT 161 Introduction to NetworksNoCS 370 Data Computing and Networking
CIT 170 Database Design FundamentalsYesCS 109
CLA 131 Medical TerminologyNoBIO 120 Medical Terminology
CMS 120 Employability Skills SeminarNoIDC 300 Life and Career Skills
COM 181 Basic Public SpeakingYesSPH 110 Public Speaking
THA 126 Acting I Fundamentals of ActingYesDRM 120 Basic Methods of Acting
ECO 201 Principles of MicroeconomicsYesECO 202
ECO 202 Principles of MacroeconomicsYesECO 201
EDP 202 Human Development and LearningNoEDU 301 Growth, Development and Learning Theory OR PSY 300
EDP 203 Teaching Exceptional Learners in Regular ClassroomNoEDU 255 Teaching Diverse Populations
EDU 201 Introduction to American EducationNoEDU 204 Intro to Education
EDU 204 Technology in the ClassroomNoEDU 246 Technology Application and Integration in the Classroom
EDU 270 Elementary School LiteratureNoEDU 314 Children's Literature
ENG 101 Writing IYesEDU 101 Writing I
ENG 102 Writing IIYesENG 102 Writing II
ENG 105 Writing an Accelerated CourseNoENG 102 Writing II
ENG 161 Introduction to LiteratureYesENG 204 Introduction to Literature
FAM 253 Human SexualityNoPSY 370 Topics in Human Sexuality
FRE 101 Elementary French YesFRN 101 Elementary French I
FYE 100 Strategies for College SuccessNoBU 101
GEO 152 Regional Geography of the WorldNoGEO 211 World Geography I
GER 101 Elementary German IYesNo direct equivalent, but counts as Modern Language.
HS 101 World Civilization IYesHIS 101 World Civilization I
HIS 102 World Civilization IIYesHIS 102 World Civilization II
HIS 104 A History of Europe Thru Mid-17th CenturyYesHIS 101 World Civilization I
HIS 105 A History of Europe from Mid-17th Century to PresentYesHIS 102 World Civilization II
HIS 108 History of the U.S. Thru 1865YesHIS 201 History of the U.S. I
HIS 109 History of the U.S. Since 1865YesHIS 202 History of U.S. II
HIS 203 History of British since RestorationYesHIS 316
HIS 240 History of KentuckyNoHIS 341 History of Kentucky
HIS 265 History of Women in AmericaYesHIS 330 History of Women in America
HMS 101 Human Services SurveyYesSW 280 Intro to Social Work
HUM 282 International Film StudiesYesART 171/172/173/174/175 International Film,Movies, Ethics
IDL 203NoNo direct equivalency but counts as Computer Competency Course
IMD 114 Information LiteracyYesIDC 100 Intro to Information Resources
IMD Microsoft Office ApplicationsYesCS 105 Office Applications
IMD 290 PhotographyYesART 160 Basic Photography I
IRW 85 Integrated Reading and Writing INoIDC 009 Reading across the Curriculum
IRW 95 Integrated Reading and WritingNoIDC 009 Reading across the Curriculum
JOU 101 Introduction to JournalismNoENG 292 Intro to Journalism
JPN Japanese IYesNo direct equivalent, but counts as Modern Language.
MAT 65 Basic AlgebraNoMTH 005/006 sequence development courses
MAT 141YesMTH 101 Math Mathematics for Liberal Arts
MAT 146 Contemporary College MathematicsYesMTH 101 Math for Liberal Arts
MAT 150 College AlgebraYesMTH 111 College Algebra and Trig I
MAT 155 TrigonometryYesMTH 112 College Algebra and Trig II
MAT 159 Analytic Geometry and TrigonometryYesMTH 112 College Algebra and Trig
MAT 174 OR 175 Calculus IYesMTH 211 Calculus I
MAT 184 OR 185 Calculus IIYesMTH 212 Calculus II
MAT 213 Calculus III with Linear Algebra OR MAT 275 Calculus IIINoMTH 213 Calculus III
MAT 205 Mathematics for Elementary and MiddleNoMTH 203 Fundamentals of Math for Elementary Education Teachers I
MAT 206 Math for Elementary and Middle School Teachers IINoMTH 204 Fundamentals of Math for Elementary Education Teachers II
MAT 285 Differential EquationsNoMTH 305 Differential Equations
MUP 101 PianoNoMUS 130 to 137 Piano
MUP 102 VoiceNoMUS 140 to 147 Voice
PSM 110 AND 112 Individualized Stringed InstrumentsNoMUS 120 to 127 Guitar/Strings
PMS 114/115 Bluegrass and Traditional Band/EnsembleYesMUS 190(A) to 197(A) University Band
MUS 100 Introduction to MusicYesMUS 100 Music Appreciation
MUS 104 Introduction to Jazz HistoryNoMusic Minor Elective
MUS 172 Theory I for Bluegrass Music MajorsNo MUS 111 Music Theory I / Music Minor Elective
MUS 174 Theory for Nonmusic MajorsYesMUS 110 Fundamentals of Music
MUS 192 University ChorusYesMUS 170 to 177 Choral Ensemble
MUS 206 American Music HistoryYesMUS 300 Americana Music Triangle (unless student is pursuing Music Minor w/ Emphasis in Bluegrass Music)
MUS 208 World MusicYesMUS 305 World Music
MUS 260 OR 261 Teaching Music in Elementary GradesNoMUS 204 Music for Classroom Teachers
NFS 101 Human Nutrition and WellnessYesBIO 112 Intro to Human Nutrition
PHI 100 Introduction to Philosophy YesPHL 103 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 110 Medical EthicsYesPHL 347 Ethics of Healthcare
PHI 120 Introductory LogicYesPHL 110 Applied Logic
PHL 130 EthicsYesPHL 231 Ethics and Morality
PHL 150 Business EthicsYesPHL 346 Business Ethics
PHL 170 Philosophy of ReligionYesPHL 150H Philosophy of Religion
REL 170 Philosophy of ReligionYesPHL 150H Philosophy of Religion
PHL 260 History of Philosophy IYesPHL 300 History of Philosophy I
PHL 270 History of Philosophy IIYesPHL 301 History of Philosophy II
PHY 171 Applied Physics YesPHS 100 Introduction to Physics
PHY 231 General University Physics INoPHS 201 General Physics I
PHY 241 General University Physics I LabNoPHS 201L General Physics I Lab
PHY 232 General University Physics IINoPHS 202 General Physics II
PHY 242 General University Physics II LabNoPH2 202L General Physics II Lab
POL 101 American GovernmentYesPLS 201 American Goverment
POL 235 World PoliticsYesPLS 215 Into to International Relations
POL 255 State GovermentNoPLS 313 State and Local Government
POL 271 Political BehaviorYesPLS 100 Intro to Political Science
PSY 110 General PsychologyYesPSY 105 Intro to Psychology
PSY 212 Applications of Statistics in PsychologyNoMTH 250 Statistics for Social Sciences
PSY 223 Developmental PsychologyYesPSY 300 Developmental Psychology
PSY 230 Psycho-Social Aspects of Death and DyingNoSW 312 Death and Dying
PSY 298 Essentials of Abnormal PsychologyNoPSY 350 Abnormal Psychology
REL 120 Introduction to Old TestamentYesTH 101 Intro to Old Testament
REL 121 Introduction to New TestamentYesTH 105 Intro to New Testament
REL 130 Introduction to Comparative ReligionYesTH 219 World Religions
SOC 101 Introduction to SociologyYesSOC 204 Intro to Sociology
SPA 101 Elementary Spanish IYesSPN 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPA 102 Elementary Spanish IISPN 102 Elementary Spanish II
STA 220 StatisticsNoMTH 250 Stats for Social Sciences
SWK 124 Intro to Social ServicesYesSW 280 Intro to Social Work
THA 101 Introduction to TheaterYesDRM 141 Theater Appreciation
THA 126 Fundamentals of ActingYesDRM 120 Basic Methods of Acting
THA 226/227 Acting II OR IIINoTheater Minor Electives