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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the questions we get asked before students come to Brescia. Hopefully these will help answer your questions.

Do I have to have a meal plan?

Yes, if you live in the Residence Halls you must have a full meal plan which includes 19 meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner during the week and Brunch and Dinner on weekends). This meal plan will be automatically added to your account when you sign up for campus housing.

What are the dimensions of the Residence Hall rooms?

Please see our Room Measurements and Photos page.

Do I need to bring Curtains?

Blinds are provided for all windows on campus, however, some students decide they would like to make their room feel more inviting by putting up curtains. Tension Rods work best for hanging curtains in the halls, as students should not be drilling holes. The windows in Merici Hall measure 71″ wide and 49″ long. Saffer Hall windows measure 47″ wide and 52″ long.

Some Students also like to put curtains up over the closets in Merici. These closet openings are 41″wide and 74″ long.

Are there cable hookups in the rooms?

Yes, there is one cable jack in each room and basic cable is provided.

Are microwaves available in the Residence Halls?

Yes, there are microwaves available in the kitchenettes and lobbies throughout the halls. Students are not permitted to have a personal microwave in their room.

What about refrigerators?

Refrigerators are allowed in the residence halls. Students should keep the size of these refrigerators below or as near to 4.5 cubic feet as possible. Manufacturers change the sizing yearly and currently units as large as 4.8 cubic feet will be accepted.

What size sheets do I need to bring for my bed?

As a new student, you should purchase extra long twin sheets. Some of the beds in Merici and Saffer are regular twin beds but as an upper-class student all beds are twin extra long. It’s best to get the twin extra long in case and they will be usable through your college career.

May I move the furniture from my room?

No, students may not remove furniture from their room. We do not have storage available for extra furniture items.

Is there internet hookups in the room?

Yes, there are two internet jacks per room. The Residence Halls are also equipped with Wireless Internet.

Are there policies regarding what I can bring to campus?

Yes, information regarding what you should and should not bring to campus is available on our What should I bring? What is not allowed? Page. If you feel any item is questionable feel free to contact us and check it out.

What if I do not get along with my roommate?

By filling out the Roommate Questionnaire, you will have provided the Office of Residence Life with the necessary information to make a reasonable housing match. We ask that all roommates give each other a chance. For this purpose, room assignments are frozen for the first 2 weeks of each semester. If you are experiencing problems during those first 2 weeks a Residence Life Staff member will sit down and complete a roommate agreement to try to rectify the situation. If things are still not working after an agreement has been forged, a student may contact the Director of Residence Life for permission to move.