Brescia University Making a difference2016-02-10T22:29:25Z Kayla Cruse <![CDATA[Brescia Athlete Breaking Records]]> 2016-02-03T15:08:37Z 2016-02-03T15:08:37Z DCS_8578Senior, Julie Whitfill, had more to celebrate on Saturday, January 9th than simply an overtime win against Asbury University. The guard from Hardinburg, Kentucky became the all-time leading scorer in Brescia University’s history of Men and Women’s basketball with a three point shot in the second quarter, bringing her total number of career points to 2,112. Whitfill surpassed the current record holder, Josh Renn ’99, who had 2109 career points.

“This is a tremendous milestone in Julie’s career. Julie defines what a true student-athlete is; she excels in the classroom just as much as she has excelled on the basketball court,” said Brian Skortz, Brescia University Athletic Director. “Julie gives a lot of credit to others, which includes her past and current teammates, for the success she has had on the hardwood.  She is well deserved in the accolades she has earned and the other records and accomplishments she will no doubt obtain this year as she finishes her career.  I am very proud of what she stands for, she has represented this athletic department and university well.”

“My accomplishments could not have been possible without God, the support of my family and friends, and the help of my teammates and coaches,” stated Whitfill.

It’s fitting that when ask her favorite quote for her student athlete profile, Whitfill would cite a statement renowned athlete, Michael Jordan, once said; “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something, but I can’t accept not trying.” While reflective of her humble spirit, Whitfill has done anything but fail during her career as a member of the Bearcat Women’s basketball team since 2012. With impressive stats and the character of a champion, Whitfill has truly made a difference during her time at Brescia.

2015-16 Rankings

Number 1 in Division II in Total Scoring (407)

Number 4 in Division II Points per Game (20.350)

Number 4 in Division II Total 3-Pt FG Made (65)

Number 9 in Division II in 3-Pt FG Made per Game (3.250)

Collegiate Career Stats (2012-January 2016)

Total FG Made: 716

Total 3-PT Shots Made: 322

Total Offensive Rebounds: 178

Total Defensive Rebounds: 299

Total Assists: 135

Total Points Scored: 2154


KIAC All-Conference, 2013-14, 2014-15

NAIA Division II Record Holder – Most 3-Point Field Goals Made (14), Most 3-Point Field Goals Attempted (31)

Brescia University Record Holder – Most Points Scored in a Game (51 points), All-time Leading Scorer in School History of Men’s and Women’s Basketball (2012)

“My favorite thing about having the privilege to coach Julie has been observing her work-ethic. She strives for excellence in everything she does. In the classroom, on the court, in her day to day, Julie works hard and she sets the pace for her peers,” said Summer Quesenberry, Brescia University Women’s Basketball Head Coach. “Her achievements are a direct result of the time and dedication she puts into her dreams and goals. Julie is a testament to those who believe success is determined by those who are willing to sacrifice and work hard for it. I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to be Julie’s college coach.”

Whitfill attended Breckinridge County High School before coming to Brescia University. She is the daughter of Carroll and Brenda Whitfill, has two siblings and is a Pre-Physical Therapy major.

Kayla Cruse <![CDATA[Empty Bowls Now Accepting Applications for 2016]]> 2016-01-05T15:55:11Z 2016-01-07T16:00:15Z The Empty Bowls Committee is currently accepting applications from area soup kitchens and food pantries to be considered as a recipient of this year’s event funds. The deadline to submit an application is March 15th.

Empty Bowls is a local organization that is dedicated to the national effort of feeding the hungry. Funds are raised through an annual event and is provided to local shelters, churches and other organizations that aid in the effort.

This year’s event will be held on Thursday, April 28 at 6 pm in the Saints Joseph and Paul Catholic Church Community Center, located at 609 East 4th Street.

Applications may be found online at

Last year nearly $4,000 was presented to Woodlawn United Methodist Church who used the money to purchase a commercial dishwasher to not only help feed more individuals, but it allows Woodlawn to help the environment and cut the costs of purchasing paper products.

A representative from Woodlawn will give a brief presentation at this year’s event sharing their story of how Empty Bowls was able to help them feed the hungry.

Tickets for the event will go on sale March 14th and can be purchased in advance by cash or check for $15 at the following locations:

Allstate Insurance Company Dave Lindow

1210 Burlew Blvd., Ste. A

Owensboro, KY

Monday-Thursday, 8:30 AM-5:00 PM

Contact: Tina Taylor

Rushing Winds Church of God

2613 Cravens Avenue

Owensboro, KY

Contact Amanda Graham at for hours

Saints Joseph and Paul Catholic Church

609 East 4th Street

Owensboro, KY

Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-4:00 PM

Only 300 tickets will be available for this event and tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis. If all tickets are not presold, they will be available to purchase at the door.

Your ticket allows you to select a ceramic bowl from hundreds of handcrafted bowls made especially for this event by local artisans and students of Brescia University.  Brescia’s Art Department supplies the clay, glaze, and location for the bowls to be created. Each participant at the event will then use their selected bowl to receive one of four soups made available by local chefs and churches.

For more information on Empty Bowls, please contact Kayla Altman at or 270.686.2110.


Kayla Cruse <![CDATA[Brescia Announces Director of Ursuline Center for Teaching and Learning]]> 2016-01-05T15:52:28Z 2016-01-06T16:00:35Z Brescia University has added a Director of the Ursuline Center for Teaching and Learning, a program that will seek to help support retention and graduation rates through improved student achievement and enhanced faculty development. The program will consolidate services, reinvent academic advising practices and foster continuing education for faculty in the areas of pedagogy and instructional technology.

Dr. Thomas Sabetta will serve as the Director, as well as the Title III Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP) Grant Director.  Sabetta will be responsible for establishing and directing the center, as well as serving as project manager for the SIP grant that Brescia received earlier this year.

The grant, received from the Department of Education, totaled nearly $2.3 million and was the largest grant in the school’s history.

“This grant will allow Brescia to move forward with our 2020 plan in a critical, meaningful and vital way for both our students and faculty, by providing a more engaging student experience and a more fruitful enjoyable teaching experience through enhanced faculty development,” stated Sabetta.

Sabetta has a Ph.D. in Organizational Communication from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He also has a background in teaching, serving as Full-time faculty Lecturer in the Division of Instructional Communication and Research at the University of Kentucky, Division Chair of Humanities and Associate Professor at Jefferson Community and Technical College and a past adjunct faculty member at Brescia University.

As a published social scientist, Sabetta authored a book that outlines the 75 year history of the Kentucky Communication Association and served twice as editor of the Kentucky Journal of Communication and currently serves as Executive Director of the Kentucky Communication Association. He has held various leadership and community involvement positions, including one of four leaders of Holy Spirit Catholic Church capital campaign committee, board positions, hiring committees and capital campaign committee member. He was previously a member of the Owensboro Symphony Board and served as the President of the Owensboro Jaycees and an advisor for Junior Achievement.

In his position at Brescia University, Sabetta will be responsible for hiring and supervising the staff that will offer expanded University services in student advising and tutoring, faculty development and mentoring. He will also oversee the establishment of math and writing labs and online development course modules.

The SIP Grant funds will support two major objectives of the proposed Title III project, Brescia 2020, that seeks to contribute to long-term viability and sustainability of Brescia by cultivating and nurturing an academic culture that blends the tradition and heritage of a liberal arts education with modern and innovative modes of delivery in an effort to prepare students to achieve their desired career goals. The project will also foster growth and increased enrollment as well as increase retention, achievement and graduation rates through enhanced academic support services, professional development and space and technology upgrades.

The SIP Grant will allow the Ursuline Center of Teaching and Learning to: provide professional academic advising for all students; provide formal math and writing labs; facilitate the availability of more high-impact educational experiences; establish an Office for Instructional Technology that will make upgraded software and hardware possible; provide a formal faculty mentoring and professional development program and provide more access to conferences and trainings; providing equipment to offer an innovative, digital learning studio in the new Signature Building slated to be constructed in 2018 that will serve as a training facility for faculty, staff and students and support pedagogical and curricular advances.

Funds from the grant have also been allocated to upgrade the science laboratories in an effort to provide students with quality, high-impact experiences through the use of adaptable and modern equipment and effective classroom design. Furnishings and technological equipment to create state-of-the-art classrooms and labs for the Schools of Business, Education and Social Work will also be included.


Kayla Cruse <![CDATA[Students Named to Fall 2015 Dean’s List]]> 2016-02-03T20:56:32Z 2016-01-05T15:45:52Z The following students from Brescia University were named to the Fall 2015 Dean’s List for completing 12 credit hours with a 3.5 GPA.


Almo: Kayleigh House, Freshman, Chemical Engineering

Beaver Dam: Rylan Smith, Freshman

Belton: Allison Simpson, Senior, Psychology

Bowling Green: Leah Armstrong, Sophomore, Secondary English; Morgan Manning, Senior, Elementary Education; Cheryl Powell, Senior, Theology; Courtney Reels, Sophomore, Speech Pathology/Audiology

Calhoun: Christian McHatton, Senior, Integrated Studies

Caneyville: Alanna Mudd, Sophomore, Elementary Education

Central City: Ricki Bethel, Junior, Speech Pathology/Audiology ; April Gilbert, Freshman, Psychology

Clay: Lauren Grant, Senior, Speech Pathology/Audiology

Cloverport: Hallie Popham, Junior, Medical Technology

Crestwood: Benjamin Sammet, Freshman

Elizabethtown: Kassie Spink, Senior, Social Work

Fancy Farm: Peyton Carrico, Junior, Social Work

Franklin: Shauntel Mincy, Sophomore, Social Work

Gilbertsville: Carleigh Bright, Senior, Political Science

Hardin: Amanda Keown, Senior, English

Hardinsburg: Madalyn Jolly, Sophomore, Psychology; Paige Mingus, Senior, Speech Pathology/Audiology; Julianna Whitfill, Senior, Biology

Hartford: Taylor Love, Freshman, Accounting

Hawesville: Jessica Burk, Junior, Social Work

Hazel: Ryan Oates, Sophomore, Biochemistry

Henderson: Amy Bassett, Junior, Social Work; Kaylee Buckman-Nelson, Sophomore, English; Patricia Crespo Padilla, Senior, Business: Emphasis in Finance and Economics, Spanish; Sarah Oliver, Junior, Social Work

Hickory: Nicole Burks, Junior, Speech Pathology/Audiology

Knottsville: Kelly Gilmore, Sophomore, Speech Pathology/Audiology

Ledbetter: Caitlin Merritt, Junior, Speech Pathology/Audiology

Leitchfield: Heather Easley, Sophomore, English

Lewisport: Stacy Lawson, Senior, Business ; Aaron Anderson, Sophomore, Graphic Design; John Bolin, Freshman, Art Education; Sara Lewis, Sophomore, Theology

Lexington: Debra Smith, Sophomore, Social Work; Adam Niday, Senior, Social Work

Louisville: Jessica Head, Senior, Social Work ; Margaret Ballou, Sophomore, Biology; Jamie Chowning, Sophomore, Social Work; Kaylee Crawley, Freshman, Speech Pathology/Audiology

Maceo: Adam Hayden, Freshman, Biology

Madisonville: Katherine Porter, Freshman,

Maple Mount: Anh Tran, Senior, Theology

Mayfield: Justin Roberts, Junior, Accounting; Courtney Woods, Senior, English

Milton: Heather Garcia, Junior, Social Work

Munfordville: Jamie Alvey, Senior, English

Owensboro: Stephanie Orolfo, Junior, Business; Londa Boyd, Sophomore, Accounting; Heather Fitzgerald, Senior, Middle School Education; Danielle Hancock, Sophomore, Biology; Kirstin Horsley, Junior, Psychology; William Johnson, Junior, Biology; Angela Kurz, Sophomore, Accounting; Caitlin E. Merritt, Senior, English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing; Amanda Richards, Senior, Business: Emphasis in HRM; Cody Robertson, Freshman, Business; Kaitlin Bash, Senior, Social Work; Brooklyn Bowman, Freshman; Virginia Carrico, Freshman; Haley Coons, Sophomore, Accounting; Landon Dame, Senior, Chemistry; Sarah Dowell, Senior, Business; Madalyn Duty, Senior, English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing; Jessica Embry, Sophomore, Special Education; Whitney Galloway, Sophomore, Business; Samantha Hall, Senior, Accounting; Ethan Hall, Senior, Biology; Hannah Harper, Sophomore, Human Services; Chandra Harry, Senior, Business; Charles Hundley, Senior, Chemistry; Kathleen Jurkiewicz, Senior, Accounting; Jonathon Kamuf, Senior, Business: Emphasis in Finance and Economics, Ashley Kruta, Sophomore, Psychology, Sarah Lawson, Senior, Social Work; Jennifer Minton, Junior, Biochemistry; Christy Probus, Junior, Social Work; Shelby Radford, Freshman, Biology; Nicole Ralph, Senior, Elementary Education; William Scalf, Sophomore, Accounting; Jonathan Speed, Freshman, Health Sciences; Jacob Stanley, Freshman, Secondary Biology; Morgan Thomas, Freshman, Speech Pathology/Audiology; Abigail Thomas, Senior, Middle School Education; Marissa Walker, Sophomore, Social Work; Stephanie Wall, Junior, Secondary English; Taylor Wathen, Junior, Speech Pathology/Audiology; Alexandria Wink, Freshman, Secondary Mathematics; Kelsi Woodall, Senior, Social Work; Kelsey Fox, Senior, English, Spanish; Kathryn Keller, Senior, Integrated Studies; Jessica Head, Senior, Social Work; Stacy Lawson, Senior, Business; Jennie Satterfield, Sophomore, Psychology; Jennifer Withers, Freshman, Biology

Paducah: Zaria Brown, Freshman, English; Dakota Durrett, Senior, Integrated Studies

Philpot: Jonathan Brey, Senior, Middle School Education; Olivia Conder, Sophomore, Art; Emily Ditto, Sophomore, English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing; Katie Ford, Senior, Speech Pathology/Audiology; Nathan Huff, Senior, Business; Sarah Martin, Senior, Elementary Education

Princeton: Sara Barnard, Senior, Social Work

Russellville: Emily Dowell, Freshman, Psychology

Scottsville: Brittany Roush, Sophomore, Health Sciences

Stanford: Laura Estridge, Senior, Speech Pathology/Audiology

Sturgis: Katlyn Mendoza, Freshman, Social Work

Summersville: Rene Perkins, Junior, Social Work

Tompkinsville: Dillon Geralds, Sophomore, Business

Union: Daniel Lageman, Senior, Theology: Emphasis in Pastoral Studies

Utica: Emily Adkins, Senior, Business: Emphasis in HRM; Tristan Durbin, Sophomore, Business: Emphasis in Management; Mallorie Polston, Freshman, Elementary Education; Derek Austin, Senior, Psychology; Kayleigh Bowlds, Senior, Speech Pathology/Audiology

Viper: Joyce Coots, Senior, Social Work

Waverly: Aaron King, Senior, Psychology

White Plains: Cameron Robinson, Sophomore, Political Science

Whitesville: Marketa Kreuzingerova, Senior, Accounting: Finance and Economics; Hannah Bland, Freshman, Theology; Lori Dant, Junior, Business; Helen Thren, Sophomore, Middle School Education

Winchester: Jean Hurley, Junior, Social Work


Cottondale: Merry Nobles, Senior, Social Work

Huntsville: Christina Kirkland, Junior, Social Work

Montgomery: Cynthia Ann Foote, Junior, Social Work

Semmes: Lindsay Lum, Senior, Social Work

Vincent: Elandis Hardy, Sophomore, Social Work

Vinemont: Erin Dover, Senior, Social Work


Glendale: Niccol Hipolito, Junior, Social Work


Mountain Home: Autumn Goss, Senior, Social Work; Jennifer Stickles, Senior, Social Work


Los Angeles: Hamaspyur Arakelyan, Junior, Accounting

Olivehurst: Erin Ticarat, Junior, Social Work

Rancho Cuamonga: Sal Arredondo, Sophomore, Social Work

San Diego: Dulce Lopez, Senior, Social Work


Colorado Springs: Heather Wilkins, Senior, Social Work

Grand Junction: Shannon Cordova, Senior, Social Work


Ellington: Sabrina Sehl, Senior, Integrated Studies


Delray Beach: Florencia Martinez Echenique, Senior, Psychology

Inverness: Jennifer Monier, Junior, Social Work

Largo: Matthew Howard, Junior, Social Work

Lehigh Acres: Melissa Wisniewski, Senior, Psychology

Live Oak: Clare Nolan, Senior, Social Work

Longwood: Danielle Moran, Junior, Social Work

Margate: Melissa Kelly, Senior, Social Work

Orlando: Wyatt Locke, Junior, Social Work; Nicole Lipsky, Junior, Social Work

Pensacola: Michele Johnston, Senior, Social Work, Theology: Emphasis in Pastoral Studies


Atlanta: Jordan Wilson, Sophomore, Business

Blairsville: Jamie Seabolt, Senior, Social Work

Decatur: Albert Phillips, Senior, Social Work

Forest Park: Blair Weiseger, Senior, Psychology

Lithonia: Sophia Slater, Junior, Social Work

Marshallville: Cassandra Benton, Senior, Social Work

Monroe: Keeley Kooken, Senior, Social Work


Caldwell: Brianne Fagenstrom, Junior, Social Work

Idaho Falls: Joan Radford, Senior, Social Work


Carterville: Abigail Beyke Cowser-Barnett, Senior, Social Work

Marquette Heights: Molly Steinseifer, Junior, Social Work

Mascoutah: Nickole Durbin, Junior, Political Science

Metropolis: Joshua Wetzel, Senior, Accounting

Normal: Elizabeth DeRosa, Sophomore, Human Services; Nicholle Resac, Junior, Social Work

Scott AFB: Caleb Tisher, Freshman, History


Charlestown: Nola Hudson-Paschal, Junior, Psychology

Evansville: Andrea Townsend, Senior, Social Work

Ferdinand: Kara Dilger, Freshman, Business

Fort Wayne: Taylor Holley, Senior, Speech Pathology/Audiology

Greenfield: Sherry Jenkins, Senior, Social Work

Haubstadt: Mariah Kramer, Freshman, Speech Pathology/Audiology

Huntingburg: Audrey Mehling, Sophomore, Elementary Education

Indianapolis: Amanda Meyer, Senior, Social Work

Leopold: Samantha Steckler, Sophomore, Business: Emphasis in Finance and Economics

Portland: Catherine Dunn, Freshman


Hutchinson: Sarah Stout, Freshman, Human Services

Manhattan: Dakota Barron, Sophomore, Computer Science with Emphasis in Quantitative Theory; Amy Hartman, Senior, Social Work


Sulphur: Kathleen Sonnier, Freshman, Human Services


Upper Marlboro: Laniece Goines, Senior, Social Work


Forestdale: Courtney Onwuzuruigbo, Junior, Social Work


Ann Arbor: Tami Moreno, Senior, Social Work

Auburn: Margaret Ann White, Senior, Social Work

Battle Creek: Rachel Gorlitz, Junior, Social Work

Charlotte: Leticia Stone, Senior, Social Work

Midland: Betsy Morey, Senior, Social Work; Hope Walker, Junior, Social Work


Akeley: Amanda Semmler, Junior, Social Work

Eden Prairie: Laura Jo Rodriguez, Junior, Social Work

Kasson: Sara Tear, Sophomore, Human Services

Kenyon: Christine Mallery, Senior, Social Work

Ortonville: Kirstin Scoblic, Senior, Social Work

Stewartsville: Kimberly Johnson, Sophomore, Social Work


Biloxi: Rose Bautista, Senior, Social Work

Brandon: Amber Taylor, Sophomore, Human Services


Jackson: Kaitlyn Crites, Junior, Speech Pathology/Audiology


Bozeman: Cynthia Soriano, Sophomore, Human Services

Great Falls: Jennifer Lively, Senior, Social Work; Linda Portillo-Ramos, Junior, Social Work


Belleville: Daphnee Jocelyn, Senior, Social Work

Blackwood: Kelley McHutchison, Junior, Social Work

Cliffwood Beach: Victoria Walsh, Senior, Psychology

East Brunswick: Jessica Seaboldt, Sophomore, Social Work

Egg Harbor: Lesley Adams, Senior, Social Work


Clayton: Dymphna Roman-Loring, Junior, Social Work

Cohocton: Marie Owens, Senior, Social Work

Fort Drum: Lauren O’Connor, Senior, Integrated Studies

Ithaca: Jill Darsie, Senior, Social Work


Arden: Joanna Earls, Junior, Social Work

Charlotte: Tynan Ipaye, Sophomore, Social Work

Columbus: Madison Cantrell, Senior, Social Work

Greenville: Rosetta Brown, Junior, Social Work

Lake Lure: Leonard Ferguson, Sophomore, Human Services

Lowell: Kathryn Wilkey, Senior, Social Work

Raleigh: Chantay Stanley, Senior, Social Work

Roanoke Rapids: Georgiana Couden, Senior, Social Work

Sanford: Joey Mosley, Senior, Social Work

Yanceyville: Donna Graves, Senior, Social Work

Grand Forks: Reagan Lange, Senior, Social Work


Ashtabula: Anthony Mucci, Sophomore, Social Work

Avon Lake: Chelsie Stewman, Senior, Social Work

Beavercrk TWP: Julie Hernandez, Senior, Social Work

Canton: Lisa Cranston, Junior, Social Work

Columbus: Matthew James, Senior, Social Work

Coshocton: Andrea Garrett, Junior, Social Work

Dennison: Sara Kenosky, Junior, Social Work

Elyria: Elizabeth Williams, Senior, Social Work

Englewood: Clifton Early, Senior, Psychology

Medina: Marie Buddie, Senior, Social Work

Norwood: Kathryn Roberts, Junior, Social Work

Piqua: Tamara O’Toole, Senior, Social Work

Sardinia: Amanda Clark, Senior, Integrated Studies

Toledo: Melisa Konesni, Freshman, Human Services


Hillsboro: Colette Klein, Junior, Social Work

Medford: Lisa Gielow, Senior, Social Work


Harrisburg: Ashley Smith, Junior, Social Work

Havertown: Ashleigh Farrell, Sophomore, Social Work

Lititz: Danielle Ream, Junior, Social Work

Marietta: Raquel Austin, Senior, Social Work

Waynesboro: Jenna Lynn Moore, Senior, Social Work


Warwick: Ryan McLane, Junior, Social Work


Columbia: Amanda Fox, Junior, Social Work

Hopkins: Jordan Edem, Junior, Social Work


Atwood: Annie Emert, Freshman, Psychology

Chattanooga: Laura Rutledge, Junior, Social Work

Clarksville: Cassie Smith, Sophomore, Psychology; Samantha Myers, Senior, Social Work; Jorey Verrette, Senior, Social Work

Fairview: Sigrid Igartua, Junior, Social Work

Fayetteville: Julie Miller, Junior, Social Work

Nashville: Eva Burelos, Senior, Chemistry; Michael Stoxstill, Junior, Social Work


Amarillo: Jennifer Quintero, Junior, Social Work

Austin: Terina Buentello, Junior, Social Work

Burkburnett: Lindsay Booze, Sophomore, Human Services

Friendswood: Marissa Meader, Junior, Social Work

Houston: Grace Omidiji, Senior, Social Work

Irving: Apryl Green, Senior, Social Work

Katy: Jenifer McLuskie, Senior, Psychology

Kerrville: Shannon Marion, Junior, Social Work

Lindale: Deborah Sanchez, Senior, Social Work

Longview: Danielle Walker, Sophomore, Human Services

Midland: Alysha Meacham, Junior, Social Work

Mineola: Erin Boyd, Sophomore, Human Services


Hill AFB: Maribeth LaDouceur, Senior, Social Work


Alexandria: Vasiliki Hernandez, Senior, Social Work; Lindsey Berens, Senior, Social Work

Barboursville: Katherine Harrison, Senior, Social Work

Linden: Sandra Davis, Senior, Social Work

Mechanicsville: Kelin Santos, Senior, Social Work

Vinton: Ana Zuniga Arana, Junior, Social Work

Virginia Beach: Kimberly Hobart, Senior, Social Work


Bellingham: Lila Ruiz, Junior, Theology: Emphasis in Pastoral Studies

Centerville: Michael Niemela, Senior, Social Work

Kennewick: Brittney Roske, Junior, Social Work

Mount Vernon: Mary Lechowicz, Junior, Social Work

Port Orchard: Jessica Vanhouten, Senior, Social Work

Renton: Charlene Schubert, Senior, Social Work

Seatac: Tammera Ferguson, Junior, Social Work


Kenosha: Alisha Pournaras, Junior, Social Work

Luck: Sarah Funk, Senior, Social Work

Madison: Erica Johnson, Junior, Social Work

Marinette: Brianna Armstrong, Junior, Social Work

New Franken: Jenny Davis, Junior, Social Work

West Salem: Susan Stelter, Sophomore, Social Work


Mogi Das Cruzes: Turilo Duck, Sophomore, Business; Tarsila Duck, senior, Business with emphasis in Human Resource Management


Willich: Tom Roidl, Senior, Business


Port Harcourt: Preye Agbana, Junior, Chemistry; Millicent Akere, Junior, Mathematics, Chemistry; Deborah Ogulu, Junior, Chemistry


Kayla Cruse <![CDATA[Brescia Receives $30,000 Grant for STEM Program]]> 2015-12-11T16:28:41Z 2015-12-11T16:28:41Z 2015 award luncheon photo

Brescia University has been awarded a $30,000 grant from the Alcoa Foundation to fund a STEM mentoring program for ninth-grade female students with an interest in seeking a STEM-related college education and/or career upon graduation from high school. The grant will be distributed in the amount of $15,000 over the course of two years.

The Alcoa Foundation creates strategic investments that are focused on achieving measureable, long-term results in communities where Alcoa operates. The funds are separate from Alcoa Inc., which does not provide funding to the Foundation.

Sustainability is an integral part of the culture at Alcoa and the Foundation’s investments place an emphasis on economic success, environmental excellence and social responsibility. This year, they sought to support improvements in education and protecting the environments.

“The grants from the Alcoa Foundation are not donations – they are investments because they will bring results to help the community advance,” said Jeff Boris, Location Manager for Alcoa Global Packaging.

“We are grateful to the Alcoa Foundation for their investment in education and are honored to be the recipient of this grant,” stated Father Larry Hostetter, President of Brescia University. “This grant will support an innovative program here at Brescia that will not only educate female students on STEM programs but will empower them to make a difference in the STEM field by pursuing a related career. With the need for STEM professionals on the rise, we are confident that this program will not only benefit local students, but we also hope to impact the field of STEM in a positive way. “

The project that will be supported by the grant will consist of a five-day summer institute for 48 female students enrolled in Daviess county-area high schools and will take place on Brescia University’s campus. The focus will be on STEM concepts and careers with the overall goal of encouraging participants to attend college and seek out STEM fields.

The program will also include mentoring sessions on a monthly basis during the academic year to provide one-on-one tutoring opportunities, as well as education activities and seminars related to STEM concepts. Participants will be matched with a Brescia University student who is enrolled in a STEM major to support them throughout the academic year.

To encourage enrollment, the program will offer incentives for each year of the program that the student completes. Dr. Janett Williams, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Brescia University, will be leading efforts for the program.

Dr. Williams has her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Southern Queensland based in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. She also holds a Master of Arts with an emphasis in Missiology from the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of the West Indies. She began as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Brescia in 2014, after serving as a Lecturer at the University of Technology in Jamaica. She has work published in international journals including the Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, the American Journal of Applied Science, the International Journal of Biometric and Bioinformatics and the Canadian Journal on Biomedical Engineering.

Alongside the mentoring aspect, the program will also offer an annual symposium for area educators to learn best practices in educating and encouraging female students in STEM fields.

This program was built in response to effort by the White House at the state and local levels over the past decade to get more females involved in STEM education and careers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that by 2022, there will be more than 9 million STEM job openings and the United States is not projected to graduate enough STEM professionals to meet this demand. This program hopes to encourage female students in the area to pursue a degree or career in this area to fill that need.

“We’re always excited about the investments that Warrick Operations is able to make through the Alcoa Foundation,” said Alexander Alford, the Location Manager for the Warrick Primary Metals division at Warrick Operations. “The organizations receiving grants have demonstrated how to measure for success. They have high credibility and organizational structures that allow them to thrive.”

Kayla Cruse <![CDATA[Brescia Now Accepting Applications for Online Master of Social Work Degree Program]]> 2015-11-18T19:58:25Z 2015-11-18T19:56:57Z Brescia University announced the addition of a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree to its offering of BUonline programs earlier this month. Applications are now being accepted for the program. This program will join the current Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) online and traditional programs that are offered at the University. Brescia University is the only independent institution in the region to offer this program in an online format.

Students interested in learning more about the Master of Social Work online program are encouraged to visit

To apply, visit

Kayla Cruse <![CDATA[Brescia Announces Online Master of Social Work Degree Program]]> 2015-11-09T15:37:33Z 2015-11-09T15:37:33Z Brescia University announces the addition of a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree to its offering of BUonline programs, the school’s online learning option. The program will join the current Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) online and traditional programs that are offered at the University. Brescia University is the only independent institution in the region to offer this program in an online format.

The first cohort of the program will be admitted in Fall 2016, with a maximum number of 12 participants. Details on the program are still being finalized and will be released soon.

“This is a huge opportunity for us,” stated Chris Houk, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Executive Director for Brescia University Online. “Social Work continues to be one of our destination programs here at Brescia and we currently have more than 500 students enrolled in our undergraduate program. With the addition of a Master of Social Work option online, we look forward to continuing to grow our online population of students.”

Along with many other benefits, the flexibility of the online program will allow those who are interested in earning their Master’s Degree in Social Work to do so in a convenient and affordable way that meets each individual’s needs.

Brescia University has offered a BSW since 1995 and in 2015 alone, graduated more than 50 seniors in the social work program. The Bachelor of Social Work program is currently accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

The bachelor’s degree provides students with the skills, knowledge and values that are essential in generalist social work practice. Students focus on working with individuals, families, groups, and community organizations.

The BSW program contributes to Brescia University’s mission by placing strong emphasis on the unique needs of people, focusing student’s willingness to help others, understanding cultural diversity, and assisting in the improvement of the quality of life of individuals, groups and communities.  The MSW is a professional degree program will offer further refinement of those skills as well as advanced practice training that will support students are interested in beginning or advancing their careers as a social worker. 

“The Social Work program is a living testament of the Brescia Difference,” stated Father Larry Hostetter, Brescia University President. “Our mission as a university focuses on providing a quality education to our students in the liberal arts tradition which shapes their mind, body and soul. The Social Work program produces graduates every year that go on to make a difference in their communities, in the lives of others and in the world. We are so proud of our graduates and we looks forward to adding the Master of Social Work program that will allow us to educate more servant leaders and expand the difference we are making.”

Students interested in learning more about the Master of Social Work online program are encouraged to visit

Kayla Cruse <![CDATA[Brescia Named to Victory Media’s 2016 Military Friendly® Schools List]]> 2015-11-02T16:01:22Z 2015-11-05T14:55:43Z badgeBrescia University announced today that it has been designated a 2016 Military Friendly® School by Victory Media, the leader in successfully connecting the military and civilian worlds, and publisher of G.I. Jobs®, STEM JobsSM and Military Spouse. Now in its seventh year, the original, premier Military Friendly® Schools designation provides service members and their families with transparent, data driven ratings about post-military education and career opportunities.

Institutions competed for the elite Military Friendly® School title by completing a survey of over 100 questions covering ten categories, including military support on campus, graduation and employment outcomes, and military spouse policies. Survey responses were scored against benchmarks across these key indicators of success. In addition, data was independently tested by EY (Ernst & Young) based upon the weightings and methodology established by Victory Media with guidance from an independent Advisory Board of higher education and recruiting professionals. A full list of board members can be found at

The Military Friendly® Schools designation is awarded to the top colleges, universities, community colleges and trade schools in the country that are doing the most to embrace military students, and to dedicate resources to ensure their success both in the classroom and after graduation. The methodology used for making the Military Friendly® Schools list has changed the student veteran landscape to one much more transparent, and has played a significant role over the past seven years in capturing and advancing best practices to support military students across the country.

“Brescia University’s rich Ursuline history is also deeply rooted in support of our military. That is what makes this honor so special to us, ” stated Father Larry Hostetter, Brescia University President. “Since this institution first moved to Downtown Owensboro in the 1940s in an effort to provide an opportunity for veterans returning home to receive a quality education, support of our service members has been very important to us.  Not only are we honored to be able to cater to the needs of those who bravely fight to protect our freedoms, but we are proud to have service members and their families call Brescia University home.”

“Post-secondary institutions earning the 2016 Military Friendly® School award have exceptionally strong programs for transitioning service members and spouses,” said Daniel Nichols, Chief Product Officer of Victory Media and Navy Reserve veteran. “Our Military Friendly® Schools are truly aligning their military programs and services with employers to help students translate military experience, skills and training into successful careers after graduation.”

For more information about Brescia’s commitment to attracting and supporting military students, visit Brescia University’s website at

Brescia University will be showcased along with other 2016 Military Friendly® Schools in the annual Guide to Military Friendly® Schools, special education issues of G.I. Jobs® and Military Spouse Magazine, and on

Kayla Cruse <![CDATA[Kentucky Appellate Court to be Held at Brescia]]> 2015-11-10T17:55:25Z 2015-11-05T14:45:09Z Brescia University will host the Kentucky Court of Appeals oral arguments on November 19, 2015 in Taylor Lecture Hall. Honorable Jeff S. Taylor will be the presiding judge, joining Honorable Glenn E. Acree and Honorable Shea Nickell. The first case will be heard at 11:00 am with three additional cases following.

11:00 am         Ray Ballou v Enterprise Mining Company

1:30 pm           Kenneth Rishel v Shannon Rishel

2:15 pm           E.B. v Cabinet for Health and Family Services

3:00 pm           C.H. v Cabinet for Health and Family Services

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Kayla Cruse <![CDATA[Fall Enrollment Climbs for Ninth Consecutive Year]]> 2015-11-02T15:57:35Z 2015-11-02T15:57:35Z Brescia University celebrates another year of fall enrollment growth, reporting a total headcount of 1,063 students for the 2015 fall semester.

Last year, Brescia University reported its highest headcount in 46 years, enrolling over 1,000 students for the first time since 1968. This year, enrollment surpasses that number by .37 percent.

“Last year was a pivotal year for as our enrollment surpassed 1, 000,” said Chris Houk, Vice President for Enrollment Management. “This year we could not be happier to report even further growth due to the hard work and dedication of our faculty, staff, and community.  With the completion of our 5-year strategic plan, we are looking forward to continued growth and to more students calling Brescia University home.”

This enrollment increase makes the ninth consecutive year of undergraduate degree seeking enrollment growth for Brescia University. In fact, the university has seen a 143 percent increase since fall 2006.

Undergraduate degree seeking headcount currently rests at 1,026, up 8 percent from last year. Over 400 students are reported as on ground and nearly 600 are enrolled in BUonline.

Enrollment numbers are fueled by a freshman class of 148 students and 308 total new students, including transfer students.

“We are pleased to announce our ninth consecutive fall semester of growth in our undergraduate degree seeking population,” said Fr. Larry Hostetter, President.  “What we offer students is more than a diploma, it’s a quality educational experience in a holistic learning environment where students thrive; we call this the Brescia Difference. I want to thank each of our faculty and staff members for their hard work and for being a living testimony of how we can make a difference in the lives of others. And a special thank you to all those who are involved with the recruitment of our student that allow us to attain our strategic goals in a sustainable way.”

There are currently students from a total of eight foreign countries enrolled at Brescia University, as well as 48 states. Of the 447 students from Kentucky, 154 represent Daviess County.