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Divisions & Schools

Fine Arts

You don’t have to leave your love of the fine arts behind when you come to Brescia because we offer course work in studio art, graphic design, art education, and music, as well as performance opportunities ranging from working in city theater productions to performing in the Brescia University Choir and Handbell Choir. Learn more about Fine Arts.


The study of humanities lies at the heart of a Brescia University education. In the Humanities Division, students explore literature, language, history, philosophy, and theology. From Cervantes and Molière to Napoleon; from Brigid of Kildare to Immanuel Kant; from Beowulf to Jane Austen and John Updike, the Humanities Division promotes enlightenment through literature, writing, the reading of classic and contemporary texts, the study of history, and the study of other languages and cultures. Learn more about Humanities.

Marilyn Younger Conley School of Social Work

Social Work is a profession concerned with the prevention and remediation of social problems. The bachelor’s degree in Social Work provides students with skills, knowledge, and values that are essential in generalist social work practice. Students focus on working with individuals, families, groups, and community organizations. The Brescia Social Work (BSW) degree prepares the student for careers in social work. Learn more about the Marilyn Younger Conley School of Social Work.

Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Programs offered in the Brescia Division of Mathematics and Natural Science prepare students for a wide variety of careers. The goal of the Division is to provide students with a strong knowledge base in their majors, as well as many opportunities to develop problem-solving, technological, communication, and leadership skills. Learn more about Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

School of Education

From its founding, Brescia has been noted for the quality of its School of Education. Brescia University School of Education candidates are challenged to become professional educators committed to ethics, advocacy, service, and lifelong learning. Learn more about School of Education.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Brescia recognizes that each student needs a solid educational grounding within the University’s liberal arts tradition. Every major provides a well-structured and in-depth approach to the student’s primary area of interest, building from the basics to specific, career-related studies. Learn more about Social and Behavioral Sciences.

School of Business

The School of Business designed their academic programs to prepare students for imaginative and responsible citizenship and leadership roles in business and society. Performance expectations are high for both students in the programs and for graduates in their careers. Learn more about School of Business.