Disability Information

Brescia University serves many students with disabilities, ranging from physical to psychological to learning disabilities. In order to be served, the student must advocate for him- or herself and provide the University with current, accurate, and reliable documentation.

Students with disabilities who are attending Brescia University and need accommodations in order to be successful in college need to provide official documentation to the Office of Disability Services for academic accommodations and to the Dean of Students for non-academic accommodations.

Definition: Accommodations vs. Services

A clear distinction exists between accommodations, which every university is required to provide for students with documented disabilities, and services, which are opportunities made available for any eligible student at the university regardless of disabilities. Examples of accommodations include extended time for testing, a quiet environment for testing, a note taker, a scribe, and other such activities which allow a student with a disability to receive the same information as a student without disabilities. Examples of services are tutoring, advising, personal counseling, and financial aid.

An IEP or 504 Plan in high school combines both accommodations and services; a college or university is only required to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations.

Academic Assistance: The Learning Center

Since college is a major learning transition from high school, many students need some assistance adapting to this new educational environment.  The Learning Center, located on the 2nd floor of the Administration Building, is designed to help.


  • Tutoring provided by trained peer tutors
  • 1 hour of tutoring each week
  • Tutoring in up to 3 courses per semester
  • Both individual and group tutoring available


  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Monitoring of academic process
  • Assistance with learning strategies
  • Training in study skill, time management, stress management, test taking & goal setting
  • Informal advising

You may contact The Learning Center on your own at (270) 686-9573 or the Office of Disability Services can make these arrangements.  Services through The Learning Center are voluntary and can be requested at any point during a semester.