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Contemporary Woman Program

Program ComponentsEnrichment Programs and Workshops

  • enrichment programs and workshops
  • the Women’s Studies minor
  • the Contemporary Woman Center

Enrichment programs and workshops are offered for anyone seeking spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth; all adults, regardless of age, race, denomination, education, or social status, are welcome. The Women’s Studies minor includes a core of Women’s Studies courses and a variety of related courses from other disciplines. The Contemporary Woman Center houses more than a thousand books and other materials about women and issues that affect women’s lives; it provides a place for community, studying, sharing, listening, and growing in knowledge of one’s self, one’s relationships, and one’s God.

Program Goals

  • to promote the religious ideals of equality, personal growth, interdependence, and responsibility;
  • to assist women and men in examining and assessing diverse perspectives and interpretations of women’s experiences, history, and changing roles in society;
  • to prepare women and men to be able to understand and participate in the formulation of public policy.