Summer 2011 Online Courses

Make Your Summer Count!

Take online courses during the summer and advance your education faster.

Whether you need to fulfill degree requirements or are just looking to enhance your knowledge in specific areas, Brescia’s online courses help you achieve your academic goals quickly and in a very affordable manner.

Summer term starts May 16!

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The following courses are offered online:

ACC410 – Auditing
ACC304 – Advanced Managerial Accounting
ACC402 – Government Non Profit Accounting
ACC404 – Federal Individual Taxation
MTH250 – Statistics for Social Sciences
PHL347 – Ethics of Health Care
TH105 – Introduction to the New Testament
ENG101 – Writing I
SOC204 – Principles of Sociology
SW381 – Ethical Considerations
SW280 – Introduction to Social Work
SW310 – Social Issues in Diversity
BIO100 – Introduction to Biology
BIO502 – Population and Community Ecology
EDU570 – Curriculum Theory and Issues
SPH110 – Public Speaking

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