Bachelor of Social Work Degree Completion

Social Work

Program Description

The Bachelor of Social Work Degree Completion Program is designed to provide an efficient and high quality delivery of social work theory and practice courses. This online degree completion opportunity provides degree-seeking students with the knowledge required for the social work field, as well as opportunities for practical application.

Degree Completion
Program Requirements

Brescia University’s degree completion programs require each student to have completed 45 credit hours to qualify for the bachelor’s level admission.

Don’t have 45 credits?
Brescia’s Associate in Human Services online degree will help you meet the enrollment requirements.
The Human Services associate degree is the perfect gate to your Social Work studies and current or future career!

Because the program is a “degree completion,” individuals who are not currently in the human services field and are considering a degree in Social Work must have an associate degree or required transferable credits. A minimum of 45 credits need to be transferred to Brescia University before the Social Work degree completion program is initiated.

The Bachelor of Social Work online program from Brescia University offers:

  • Flexible Courses – Courses are designed with the adult student in mind, enabling them to complete a degree in as little as two years.
  • Accredited Program– The Council on Social Work Education has accredited Brescia University’s Bachelor of Social Work Program.
  • Affordability– The Bachelor of Social Work online degree at Brescia University is offered at an affordable price. Federal and state financial aid is available to those students who qualify.
  • Adult Friendly Campus– Brescia University has been at the forefront of adult-centered education. Adult students receive exceptional service as they complete their degrees at Brescia University.

The Bachelor of Social Work online program provides a vehicle for individuals who are seeking employment in the field of human services or a related area to complete their bachelor’s degree in social work and prepare them for further graduate studies.

A degree in social work is useful for a career in child protective and aging population services, anti-poverty programs, corrections, criminal justice and many other similar areas. A degree in social work will make you very employable in any one of many human services agencies.

The Bachelor of Social Work courses articulate the competency expectations of the Council on Social Work Education. Additionally, nontraditional students taking the courses for general education requirement (GER) credit will gain a basic understanding of social work as a profession.

For students who have already met the minimum GER of Brescia University and who have 86 transferable credits (21 in 300-400 level courses), the program can be completed in two years. Those who have not met these requirements may take longer to complete the degree. The online social work program also assists in providing GER credit for those students who meet the criteria for taking online courses at Brescia.

Major Subject Requirements (42 hours) online courses

Click here to see the general education and social work major requirements!