AS in Addictions Counseling

AS in Addictions Counseling

Program Description

The online Associate of Science (A.S.) in Addictions Counseling is an online program for students who want to enhance their employment opportunities with a concentration in addictions counseling or begin their education and career in addictions counseling. The associate degree requires students to complete 24 hours from the addictions counseling core courses and two electives. Students must also complete 27 hours in the appropriate general education requirements. To graduate, students need a total of 63 credit hours, which includes additional electives to supplement the general education requirements.

Admission Requirements

All students who apply to the addictions counseling programs, regardless of which program they choose, must formally apply after they complete certain prerequisite courses. The admission procedure screens applicants and admits only those with the attitudes, values and maturity to work in a demanding career. Please speak with the Coordinator of the Addictions Counseling Program for more information.

Please note, the completion of either the baccalaureate or Certificate in Addictions Counseling does not result in Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) certification in accordance with state regulations. Completion will decrease the number of hours required to attain CADC certification. Please check with your home state about your state’s specific CADC certification requirements.