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About Brescia University

As the only Catholic University in Western Kentucky, Brescia has a proud religious and liberal arts heritage. Nearly sixty years ago, a group of intrepid Ursuline Sisters created a coeducational institution that would carry on the mission and vision of their founder, St. Angela Merici, who believed that education creates strong families which in turn create a stronger and more just society.

In affirmation of the principle of academic freedom and with respect for the individual conscience and religious liberty, the University welcomes faculty, staff and students of all faiths to share in the pursuit of its mission.

The “Brescia Distinction”

  • Knowledge for the real world
  • Accelerated learning
  • Flexible class schedule
  • Affordable tuition
  • 24/7 technical support

Brescia University identifies the key concepts of its mission in the following manner:


Brescia University shares the contemporary Catholic Church mission to proclaim the gospel, uphold human dignity, participate in God’s ongoing creation and serve others.

Liberal Arts

Faithful to the Ursuline academic tradition, Brescia University provides a quality liberal arts education that shapes the whole person and is characterized by the search for truth and beauty.

Career Preparation

Brescia focuses on career preparation of its students by providing them with a quality liberal arts education, and keeps the academic programs in tune with the job market to assure the employability of its graduates.

Service to Others

Since its founding in Owensboro in 1950, Brescia University has established a history of serving the local community, surrounding region and the society at large.

We look forward to welcome you as an online student at Brescia.

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