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Associate of Arts in Human Services
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Human Services is the study and provision of human and social services to individuals and communities. The Human Services associate degree prepares students for entry-level positions in a variety of human service agencies.

The associate degree in Human Services online program focuses on crisis counseling and intervention, theory, case management, information systems and other human services areas. Major subject requirements are in the fields of sociology, psychology, biology and social work.

Sixty three (63) credit hours are required to graduate.
General Education Requirement: 27 credit hours.

Education Advancement Opportunity

By carefully planning your elective courses, once you complete the Associate of Arts in Human Services degree, you can seamlessly apply your credits to Brescia University’s online bachelor’s degree completion programs in Social Work, Psychology, Theology or Integrated Studies.

Career Options

Professionals who earn an associate degree in human services are eligible to work in public and private sectors including government, education, mental health and public policy. Entry-level careers include: outreach worker, case management assistant, mental health technician, life skills trainer and other.

The online associate degree is the perfect foundation for advanced education, as associate graduates can pursue a bachelor’s degree in Human Services and move upward in their careers.

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