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Academic Calendar 2016-2018

Aug. 13


2016 – 2018 Academic Calendar

Fall 2016
Fall 2017
Significance of Date
Aug. 11Aug. 10Faculty Workday: Full Faculty/Divisions
Aug. 13 Aug. 12Opening Academic Convocation
Aug. 13-15Aug. 12-14Freshmen Orientation
Aug. 15Aug. 14Registration
Aug. 15Aug. 14Fall Semester Begins
Aug. 15-19Aug. 14-18BUonline Classes Begin
Aug. 16Aug. 15On-Campus Classes Begin
Aug. 23Aug. 22Deadline: Drop/Add Class
Sept. 5Sept. 4Labor Day Holiday
Sept. 27Faculty Dev’t Day: no on-campus classes
Oct. 5Oct. 4Deadline: withdraw with transcript “W”
Oct. 6-10Oct. 5-9Fall Break (no classes on campus)
Oct. 8Oct. 7End of Mod 1
Oct. 17-21Oct. 16-20BUonline Mod #2 Begins
Nov. 23-27Nov. 22-26Thanksgiving Break (closed)
Dec. 5-7Dec. 4-6Final Exams
Dec. 10Dec.9BUonline completed by midnight
Dec. 10Dec. 9Fall Semester Ends
Spring 2017Spring 2018
 Jan. 2-6Jan. 2-5Registration (new students)
Jan. 9Jan. 8Spring Semester Begins
Jan. 9-13Jan. 8-12BUonline Classes Begin
Jan. 9Jan 8On-Campus Classes Begin
Jan. 16Jan. 15MLK Jr. Day (campus closed)
Jan. 17Jan. 16Deadline: Drop/Add Class
Jan. 24Jan. 30Founder’s Day/ Winter Convocation
Mar. 3Mar. 2Deadline: withdraw with transcript “W”
Mar. 4Mar. 3Mod 3 Ends
Mar. 6-10Mar. 5-9Spring Break (no classes)
Mar. 13-17Mar. 12-16BUonline Mod #4 Begins
Apr.13-17Mar. 29-Apr. 2Easter Break (no classes on campus; office closed Friday/Monday)
Apr. 23Apr. 22Honors Convocation
May 1-3Apr. 30-May 2Final Exams
May 6May 5Commencement
May 6May 5BUonline completed by midnight
May 6May 5Spring Semester Ends


BUonline Classes*

Aug. 15-19Aug. 14-18Module #1 Begins
Oct. 17-21Oct. 16-20Module #2 Begins
Jan. 9-13Jan. 8-12Module #3 Begins
Mar. 13-17Mar. 12-16Module #4 Begins

*Except during Spring Break, once online classes begin, they run through the 8-week module without a break, regardless

of the University Calendar. NOTE: All BU Online module courses must be complete by midnight of the Saturday of the 8th week.

Chat sessions may or may not be held on holidays (consult Instructor), but class assignments are ongoing.

DROP/WITHDRAW NOTE: For modular courses, the last day to drop a class with no record is BEFORE the first scheduled chat; the last day to withdraw with a “W” is before the 4th scheduled chat session. For semester-long courses, on-campus dates above apply.

Summer sessions and MBA graduate program dates will vary slightly.

The University reserves the right to cancel any class for which there is not sufficient registration.

Admission to class for those who pay special tuition or audit is on a “space available” basis.

Fees are subject to change without notification. If withdrawal is not made officially, the student will receive an “F” for the course taken and will be charged in full.

Check the University Catalog for other academic policies.

Visit the tuition and costs page to find information on tuition, room and board, and other fees.

The Refund Policy can be found on the Student Accounts page. Online account statements can be viewed in Netclassroom.