AA in Graphic Design Course Descriptions

Art – 101 Drawing I (3 credit hours)
A fundamental course that stresses the development of visual awareness and sensitivity to various drawing materials. Basic principles of perspective, proportion, and value are introduced.

Art – 202 Drawing II (3 credit hours)
A course designed to acquaint the student with a variety of drawing media and techniques. An emphasis is placed on the principles of value and composition. Prerequisite: Art 101, 111, or permission of instructor.

Art – 111 Design I (3 credit hours)
A foundation course with specific emphasis on design principles and elements relative to a basic understanding of visual composition.

Art – 318 History of Graphic Design (3 credit hours)
This course explores the origins and the evolution of graphic design, from ancient civilizations to contemporary approaches and emerging technologies. Movements, styles, designs, and designers influencing the ongoing growth of the discipline will be investigated. Prerequisite: Art 180 or permission of instructor.

Art – 280 History of Art I (3 credit hours)
Survey of art from pre-history to the Renaissance. Lectures and discussion.

Art – 281 History of Art II (3 credit hours)
Survey of art from the Renaissance to the modern world. Lectures and discussion.

Art – 210 Graphic Design I (3 credit hours)
An introduction to basic graphic design principles. The fundamentals of layout, typography, and graphic communication theory are explored with an emphasis on practical applications. Prerequisite: Art 202, 211, or permission of instructor.

Art – 316 Graphic Design II (3 credit hours)
A study and application of the tools and processes used in preparing a design for publication. Emphasis is placed on development of layout skill and software coordination. Prerequisite: Art 210.

Art – 414 Graphic Design III (3 credit hours)
An emphasis is placed on development of student portfolios through various advanced projects and practical applications. Prerequisite: Art 316.

Art – 418 Special Problems in Graphic Design (3 credit hours)
A course designed for advanced students to explore designated areas and problems in graphics. Prerequisite: Art 414.