Brescia University Returning to Campus Part Time Starting May 18th

Brescia University employees will return to campus in a limited capacity beginning May 18, 2020.  Employees are still able to work from home and are strongly encouraged to still conduct academic and business meetings using a virtual platform. Vice Presidents are staggering work schedules for their department employees and utilizing other avenues to ensure that each building operates under a 50 percent capacity at any given time.  This adheres to state guidelines but also adds an additional layer of protection to the employees of Brescia University. These measures are in response to COVID-19. The safety of Brescia students, faculty, and staff while minimizing the disruption to the student experience is always the University’s highest priority.

Brescia University has been following all policies set in place by Governor Andy Beshear. In adhering to the Governor’s policies, commencement was held virtually on May 3rd, with plans to have an in person commencement in December. Visitors to campus will still be limited, but prospective students will be able to tour campus virtually with Admissions Counselors. The Universities’ plans will parallel Governor Beshear’s recommendations of a gradual reopening.  The Brescia University reopening process will involve three phases. Phase 1 consists of starting to slowly bring employees back to campus and ensuring that all regulations are in place from health screening and temperature checks to signage indicating best practices and physical distancing, to creating temporary policies deemed necessary by the impact of COVID-19. The goal of Phase 2 will be to get the University back to being fully operational.  Phase 3 will largely focus on preparation to ensure the safety of returning students. Dr. Lauren McCray, Chief of Staff, said “As is the case for most businesses, the amount of moving pieces are an obstacle.  Planning for every scenario is ideal but infinite. We have to do our due diligence, keep the safety of our employees, students, and community in the forefront of our hearts and minds to help guide our decision-making. From there, educating students safely will be the goal of Brescia University in the Fall.”

The University has continued to employ all personnel while implementing the Healthy at Home guidelines.  University officials plan to use the same rigorous application when implementing the Healthy at Work guidelines. The University has also offered residence halls to first responders during this crisis.