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Titles Processed in Summer, 2014

005.369 M351t Teach yourself visually Office 2013 / Elaine Marmel, [2013] Stacks
005.4469 M479t Teach yourself visually Windows 8 / Paul McFedries, c2012. Stacks
150.198 M742 Positive psychology : a critical introduction / Giovanni B. Moneta, 2014. Stacks
150.72 A512 APA dictionary of statistics and research methods / Sheldon Zedeck, PhD, editor in chief, [2014] Reference
Electronic book Deepest human life [computer file] : an introduction to philosophy for everyone / Scott Samuelson, 2014. EBSCO
Electronic book It’s a jungle in there [computer file] : how competition and cooperation in the brain shape the mind / David A. Rosenbaum, [2014] EBSCO
Electronic book Our changing journey to the end [computer file] : reshaping death, dying, and grief in America / Christina Staudt and J. Harold Ellens, editors, 2014. EBSCO
200.19 R383 Religion, personality, and social behavior / edited by Vassilis Saroglou, 2014. Stacks
229.8 O88 Other Gospels : accounts of Jesus from outside the New Testament / edited and translated by Bart D. Ehrman and Zlatko Plese, [2014] Stacks
230.2 H417 Catholicism and reason / Edward J. Hayes, Paul J. Hayes, and James J. Drummey, c1996. Stacks
DVD 232 J59 Jesus of scripture [videorecording] / Rev. Donald Senior, C.P., S.T.D, 4 videodiscs and study guide, c2011. Main Floor
242.7 T142 Jesus prayer : a cry for mercy, a path of renewal / John Michael Talbot, [2013] Stacks
255.9 H542 Religious life at the crossroads : a school for mystics and prophets / Amy Hereford, [2013] Stacks
262.52 O93 Relevance and future of the Second Vatican Council / Marc Cardinal Ouellet, Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops ; interviews with Father Geoffroy de la Tousche ; translated by Michael Donley and Joseph Fessio, S.J, [2013] Stacks
DVD 266 A531 Amy Carmichael [videorecording] : mother to the motherless / Herald Entertainment, [2010?] Main Floor
DVD 266 G543 Gladys Aylward [videorecording] : the small woman with a great god / a Christian History Institute, [2008?] Main Floor
270.9 O59 150 North American martyrs you should know / Brian O’Neel, [2014] Stacks
271.53 A545 Death and afterlife of the North American martyrs / Emma Anderson, 2013. Stacks
DVD 271.971 S153E Therese of Lisieux [videorecording] : Wisdom’s Daughter / Professor Keith J. Egan, Ph.D., T.O.C, 4 videodiscs and study guide, [2012] Main Floor
271.973 R329 Dedicated to God : an oral history of cloistered nuns / by Abbie Reese, 2014. Stacks
299.514 S524 Soul healing miracles : ancient and new sacred wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques for healing the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies / Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, 2013. Stacks
Electronic book Sacredness of human life [computer file] : why an ancient Biblical vision is key to the world’s future / David P. Gushee, c2013. EBSCO
304.2 M159 Once and future world : nature as it was, as it is, as it could be / J.B. MacKinnon, 2013. Stacks
304.2 W428c Countdown : our last, best hope for a future on Earth? / Alan Weisman, 2014. Stacks
320.98 S798 State and nation making in Latin America and Spain : republics of the possible / edited by Miguel A. Centeno, Princeton University, Agustin E. Ferraro, University of Salamanca, [2013] Stacks
327.12 P896 Family jewels : the CIA, secrecy, and presidential power / by John Prados, [2013] Stacks
327.730947 V66 Vienna Summit and its importance in international history / edited by Günter Bischof, Stefan Karner, and Barbara Stelzl-Marx, [2014] Stacks
331.880973 R814 What unions no longer do / Jake Rosenfeld, 2014. Stacks
332.49 G148 Money, whence it came, where it went / John Kenneth Galbraith, 1975. Stacks
336.34 F533 100% money and the public debt / Irving Fisher, 2014. Stacks
337.73051 R628 Unbalanced : the codependency of America and China / Stephen Roach, [2014] Stacks
338.19 G226 Global food futures : feeding the world in 2050 / Brian Gardner, 2013. Stacks
339.4609 E14 Tyranny of experts : economists, dictators, and the forgotten rights of the poor / William Easterly, [2013] Stacks
341.23 W211 All necessary measures : the United Nations and humanitarian intervention / Carrie Booth Walling, c2013. Stacks
341.2422 M479 Why Europe matters : the case for the European Union / John McCormick, 2013. Stacks
342.73 S844 Six amendments : how and why we should change the Constitution / John Paul Stevens, 2014. Stacks
346.730482 B985c Copyright for academic librarians and professionals / Rebecca P. Butler, 2014. Stacks
350 S592 Beyond politics : the roots of government failure / Randy T. Simmons ; foreword by Gordon Tullock, 2011. Stacks
362.1 S678 Social injustice and public health / edited by Barry S. Levy, Victor W. Sidel, c2013. Stacks
362.196831 L813 Alzheimer conundrum : entanglements of dementia and aging / Margaret Lock, [2013] Stacks
362.1969792 H173 AIDS generation : stories of survival and resilience / Perry N. Halkitis, [2014] Stacks
Electronic book Social value of drug addicts [computer file] : the uses of the useless / Merrill Singer and J. Bryan Page, [2014] EBSCO
Electronic book After the sheikhs [computer file] : the coming collapse of the gulf monarchies / Christopher Davidson, 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Confidence Trap [computer file] : a History of Democracy in Crisis from World War I to the Present / David Runciman, 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Ashes of Hama [computer file] : the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria / Raphaël Lefèvre, 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Right(s) to water : the multi-level governance of a unique human right [computer file] / Pierre Thielborger, 2014. Gale
Electronic book Same-sex couples before national, supranational and international jurisdictions [computer file] / Daniele Gallo, Luca Paladini, Pietro Pustorino, editors ; foreword by Prof. Grainne de Burca, 2014. Gale
Electronic book Rum maniacs : alcoholic insanity in the early American Republic [computer file] / Matthew Warner Osborn, 2014. EBSCO
Electronic book One hour in Paris [computer file] : a true story of rape and recovery / Karyn L. Freedman, 2014. EBSCO
Electronic book War crimes, genocide, and justice [computer file] : a global history / David M. Crowe, 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Using network and mobile technology to bridge formal and informal learning [computer file] / edited by Guglielmo Trentin and Manuela Repetto, 2013. Gale
595.7 B616 Biology of ticks / edited by Daniel E. Sonenshine and R. Michael Roe, Vol. 1-2, 2014. Stacks
Electronic book Philosophy of biology [computer file] / Peter Godfrey-Smith, [2013]. EBSCO
Electronic book Parasitic zoonoses [computer file] / B.B. Singh Dhaliwal, Prayag Dutt Juyal, 2013. Gale
DVD 616.86 A616 Anonymous people [videorecording] / Alive Mind Cinema ; 4th Dimension Productions presents ; executive producer, Paul McCulley ; written by Aaron Cohen, Jeff Reilly, Greg Williams, Bud Mikhitarian ; produced and directed by Greg Williams, [2014] Main Floor
Electronic book Dynamic models of infectious diseases. [computer file] Volume 2, Non vector-borne diseases / V. Sree Hari Rao, Ravi Durvasula, editors, 2013. Gale
Electronic book Steroids and doping in sports [computer file] : a reference handbook / David E. Newton, [2014] EBSCO
Electronic book Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD, Asperger’s, Tourette’s, Bipolar and More! 2nd edition [computer file] : The one stop guide for parents, teachers, and other professionals , 2014. EBSCO
Electronic book Electricity from wave and tide [computer file] : an introduction to marine energy / Paul A. Lynn, 2014. EBSCO
Electronic book 20 Ps of marketing [computer file] : a complete guide to marketing strategy / David Pearson, 2014. EBSCO
AB 813.54 C973 Snow queen [sound recording] : a novel / Michael Cunningham, 6 sound discs, p2014. Main Floor
AB 813.54 E93 Walking on water [sound recording] / Richard Paul Evans, 5 sound discs, p2014. Main Floor
AB 813.54 M622fa Family affair [sound recording] / Fern Michaels, 7 sound discs, [2014] Main Floor
AB 813.6 F394t To rise again at a decent hour [sound recording] : a novel / Joshua Ferris, 8 sound discs, 2014. Main Floor
817 H523c Cabbages and kings / O. Henry [i.e. W.S. Porter], c1904. Stacks
817 H523f Four million ; The gentle grafter / O. Henry [i.e. W.S. Porter], c1908. Stacks
817 H523o Options ; Waifs and strays / O. Henry, c1917. Stacks
817 H523r Roads of destiny [by] O. Henry, [1909] Stacks
817 H523ro Rolling stones [by] O. Henry, [1912] Stacks
817 H523s Sixes and sevens ; Wind of destiny / O. Henry [i.e. W.S. Porter], c1916. Stacks
817 H523st Strictly business [by] O. Henry, [1910] Stacks
817 H523t Trimmed lamp ; The voice of the city / O. Henry [i.e. W.S. Porter], c1908. Stacks
817 H523w Whirligigs [by] O. Henry, [1910] Stacks
AB 823.914 M469 Corsican caper [sound recording] / Peter Mayle, 4 sound discs, 2014 Main Floor
Electronic book Reconsidering Longfellow [computer file] / edited by Christoph Irmscher and Robert Arbour, [2014] EBSCO
Electronic book Emily Dickinson [computer file] : a literary life / Linda Wagner-Martin, 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Music at midnight [computer file] : the life and poetry of George Herbert / John Drury, 2014. EBSCO
Electronic book Shakespeare in America [computer file] : an anthology from the revolution to now / James Shapiro, editor ; foreword by President Bill Clinton, 2014 EBSCO
Electronic book Shakespeare’s political wisdom [computer file] / by Timothy Burns, 2013. EBSCO
DVD 940.5318 C825 Corrie ten Boom [videorecording] : a faith undefeated, [2013] Main Floor
940.5318092 B824 Wilhelm Brasse, number 3444 : photographer, Auschwitz, 1940-1945 / Wilhelm Brasse, Includes DVD, ©2012. Stacks
942.08 T756 Roar of the lion : the untold story of Churchill’s World War II speeches / Richard Toye, 2013. Stacks
947.06092 C363Ma Catherine the Great : a short history / Isabel De Madariaga, 2002. Stacks
951.06 B718 Lost generation : the rustication of China’s educated youth (1968-1980) / by Michel Bonnin ; translated by Krystyna Horko, [2013] Stacks
952.04 C934 Critical issues in contemporary Japan / edited by Jeff Kingston, 2014. Stacks
956.94 B943 Palestinian-Israeli conflict : a very short introduction / Martin Bunton, 2013. Stacks
967.57092 R951 Ordinary man : an autobiography / Paul Rusesabagina with Tom Zoellner, 2007. Stacks
973.313 A425 Our Declaration : a reading of the Declaration of Independence in defense of equality / Danielle Allen, [2014] Stacks
973.55092 A215K John Quincy Adams : American visionary / Fred Kaplan, 2014. Stacks
980.03 G795 Faces of Latin America / Duncan Green with Sue Branford, [2013] Stacks
Electronic book Citizen emperor [computer file] : Napoleon in power / Philip Dwyer, 2013 EBSCO