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Titles Processed in March, 2014


005.258   A628 Killer presentations with your iPad: how to engage your audience and win more   business with the world’s greatest gadget / Ray Anthony and Bob LeVitus with   Barbara Boyd ; foreword by Guy Kawasaki, [2014] Stacks
005.4469 S573 Top   100 tips for Windows 8 / Tim Sievers, c2012. Stacks
005.82 B344 Secret   history : the story of cryptology / Craig P. Bauer, York College of   Pennsylvania and National Security Agency, Center for Cryptologic History,   2011-2012 Scholar-in-Residence, [2013] Stacks
025.5 V819 Virtually   embedded : the librarian in an online environment / edited by Elizabeth   Leonard and Erin McCaffrey, 2014. Stacks
153 P958b Beyond   human nature : how culture and experience shape the human mind / Jesse J.   Prinz, 2012. Stacks
Electronic book Moral,   ethical, and social dilemmas in the age of technology [computer file] :   theories and practice / Rocci Luppicini, [editor]. , c2013. Gale
Electronic book Fifty   key postmodern thinkers [computer file] / Stuart Sim. , 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Seven   views of mind [computer file] / Lise Wallach, Michael A Wallach. , 2012. EBSCO
Electronic book Judging   passions [computer file] : moral emotions in persons and groups / Roger   Giner-Sorolla. , 2012. EBSCO
DVD 200 R383 Religions   of the world [videorecording] / a Greenstar Television production ; Liberty   International Entertainment, 6 videodiscs, [v.1-2], [2003] Main   Floor
DVD 220 S434 Scripture   from scratch [videorecording] : a basic Bible study program, Unit 1-4, 8   videodiscs, 2008, ©1991. Main   Floor
230.082 M257 Women   & Christianity / Mary T. Malone, Vol. 1-2, 2001-2003. Stacks
232.966 W748 Shroud   of Turin : the burial cloth of Jesus Christ? / by Ian Wilson, 1978. Stacks
248.4 R521 Four   spiritualities : expressions of self, expressions of spirit : a psychology of   contemporary spiritual choice / Peter Tufts Richardson, c1996. Stacks
282.09 B619 Refashioning   of Catholicism, 1450-1700 : a reassessment of the Counter Reformation /   Robert Bireley, 1999. Stacks
294.5 C761 Contemporary   Hinduism / edited by P. Pratap Kumar, 2013. Stacks
Electronic book Heaven,   hell, and the afterlife [computer file] : eternity in Judaism, Christianity,   and Islam / J. Harold Ellens, editor. , 2013. Gale
Electronic book Voices   of unbelief [computer file] : documents from atheists and agnostics / Dale   McGowan, editor. , c2012. Gale
Electronic book Biblical   economic ethics [computer file] : sacred scripture’s teachings on economic   life / Albino Barrera. , 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Voices   of early Christianity [computer file] : documents from the origins of   Christianity / Kevin W. Kaatz, editor. , 2013. Gale
Electronic book Sister   Thorn and Catholic mysticism in modern America [computer file] / Paula M.   Kane. , 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Historical   dictionary of Catholicism [computer file] / William J. Collinge. , c2012. Gale
302 N325 Navigating   the social world : what infants, children, and other species can teach us /   edited by Mahzarin R. Banaji, Susan A. Gelman, c2013. Stacks
303.34 B967 Transforming   leadership : a new pursuit of happiness / James MacGregor Burns, c2003. Stacks
303.34 H945 World’s   most powerful leadership principle : how to become a servant leader / James   C. Hunter, c2004. Stacks
303.483 N286 Nature   engaged : science in practice from the Renaissance to the present / edited by   Mario Biagioli and Jessica Riskin, 2012. Stacks
305.420973 H584 Feeling   women’s liberation / Victoria Hesford, [2013] Stacks
305.896073 H745 Jim   Crow Wisdom : Memory and Identity in Black America since 1940 / Jonathan   Scott Holloway, [2013] Stacks
320.15 R175 Changing   norms through actions : the evolution of sovereignty / Jennifer M. Ramos,   [2013] Stacks
330.973 L445 Freedom   budget for all Americans : recapturing the promise of the civil rights   movement in the struggle for economic justice today / Paul Le Blanc and   Michael D. Yates, [2013] Stacks
333.91 G874 Water   ethics : a values approach to solving the water crisis / David Groenfeldt,   2013. Stacks
335.4092 M392Sp Karl   Marx : a nineteenth-century life / Jonathan Sperber, [2013] Stacks
338.763371 G478 Katharine   and R.J. Reynolds : partners of fortune in the making of the New South /   Michele Gillespie, [2012] Stacks
342.73085 W237 Congress,   the Supreme Court, and religious liberty : the case of City of Boerne v.   Flores / Jerold Waltman, 2013. Stacks
352.073 K414 Comprehensive   annual financial report, 2013, c2000]-. Kentucky
371.102 C961 Inside   the black box of classroom practice : change without reform in American   education / Larry Cuban, [2013] Stacks
371.334 S172 E-tivities   : the key to active online learning / Gilly Salmon, 2013. Stacks
373.158 S560 “Don’t   be so gay!” : queers, bullying, and making schools safe / Donn Short,   [2013] Stacks
Electronic book Handbook   of families and aging [computer file] / Rosemary Blieszner and Victoria   Hilkevitch Bedford, editors. , c2012. Gale
Electronic book Civil   Society and Women Activists in the Middle East [computer file] : Islamic and   Secular Organizations in Egypt. , 2012. EBSCO
Electronic book Islamophobia   in America [computer file] : the anatomy of intolerance / edited by Carl W.   Ernst. , 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Black   ethnics [computer file] : race, immigration, and the pursuit of the American   dream / Christina M. Greer. , 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Narrative   of James Williams, an American slave [computer file] / edited by Hank Trent.   , 2014. EBSCO
Electronic book Everyday   life of the state [computer file] : a state-in-society approach / edited by   Adam White ; foreword by Joel S. Migdal. , [2013] EBSCO
Electronic book Supreme   Court and the presidency [computer file] : struggles for supremacy / Julie   Novkov. , c2013. Gale
Electronic book Why   America needs a left [computer file] : a historical argument / Eli Zaretsky.   , c2012. EBSCO
Electronic book Africa   emerges [computer file] : consummate challenges, abundant opportunities /   Robert I. Rotberg. , 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Tyranny   [computer file] : a new interpretation / Waller R. Newell, Carleton   University.. , 2012. EBSCO
Electronic book Aftermath   of suffrage [computer file] : women, gender, and politics in Britain,   1918-1945 / edited by Julie Gottlieb, Senior Lecturer in Modern History,   University of Sheffield and Richard Toye, Professor of Modern History,   University of Exeter. , 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Statebuilding   [computer file] : consolidating peace after civil war / Timothy D. Sisk. ,   2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Divided   nations [computer file] : why global governance is failing, and what we can   do about it / Ian Goldin. , 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Recovering   international relations [computer file] : the promise of sustainable critique   / Daniel J. Levine. , 2012. EBSCO
Electronic book Asian   security and the rise of China [computer file] : international relations in   an age of volatility / David Martin Jones, M.L.R. Smith and Nicholas Khoo. ,   2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Democracy   prevention [computer file] : the politics of the U.S.-Egyptian alliance /   Jason Brownlee. , 2012. EBSCO
Electronic book American   Senate [computer file] : an insider’s history / Neil MacNeil and Richard A.   Baker. , [2013] EBSCO
Electronic book Federalism   [computer file] : a reference guide to the United States Constitution / Susan   Low Bloch and Vicki C. Jackson. , [2013] EBSCO
Electronic book Euthanasia/assisted-suicide   debate [computer file] / Demetra M. Pappas. , c2012. Gale
Electronic book Supreme   Court confirmation hearings and constitutional change [computer file] / Paul   M. Collins, Jr., University of North Texas ; Lori A. Ringhand, University of   Georgia. , 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Public   information management and e-government [computer file] : policy and issues /   by Mary Maureen Brown and G. David Garson. , 2013. Gale
Electronic book Churchill’s   bomb [computer file] : how the United States overtook Britain in the first   nuclear arms race / Graham Farmelo. , c2013 EBSCO
Electronic book National   security doctrines of the American presidency [computer file] : how they   shape our present and future / Lamont Colucci. , c2012. Gale
Electronic book Suicide   [computer file] : a global issue / David Lester and James R. Rogers, editors.   , 2013. Gale
Electronic book Undeserving   poor [computer file] : America’s enduring confrontation with poverty / by   Michael B. Katz. , 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Violence   and abuse in society [computer file] : understanding a global crisis / Angela   Browne-Miller, editor. , 2012. Gale
Electronic book Guns   in American society [computer file] : an encyclopedia of history, politics,   culture, and the law / Gregg Lee Carter, editor. , 2012. Gale
Electronic book On   grades and grading [computer file] : supporting student learning through a   more transparent and purposeful use of grades / Timothy Quinn. , 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Golden   age of folk and fairy tales [computer file] : from the Brothers Grimm to   Andrew Lang / edited, with introduction and translations by Jack Zipes. ,   [2013] EBSCO
553.8709769 M479 Kentucky   agate : state rock and mineral treasure of the commonwealth / Roland L.   McIntosh and Warren H. Anderson ; agate photography by Lee P. Thomas ; scenic   and microscopic photography by Warren H. Anderson, c2013. Kentucky
575.7 K81 Sixth   extinction : an unnatural history / Elizabeth Kolbert, 2014. Stacks
578.65 D471 People,   parasites, and plowshares : learning from our body’s most terrifying invaders   / Dickson D. Despommier ; foreword by William C. Campbell, [2013] Stacks
Electronic book Discovery   and Classification in Astronomy [computer file] : Controversy and Consensus.   , 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Experimenting   on a small planet [computer file] : a scholarly entertainment / William W.   Hay. , c2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Shaping   humanity [computer file] : how science, art, and imagination help us   understand our origins / John Gurche. , c2013. EBSCO
633.7109769 F384 Burley   : Kentucky tobacco in a new century / Ann K. Ferrell, [2013] Kentucky
658.4 M251 Right   corporate governance : effective top management for mastering complexity /   Fredmund Malik ; translated from German by Jutta Scherer, c2012. Stacks
658.407 D489 Developing   leaders : research and applications in psychological type and leadership   development : integrating reality and vision, mind and heart / Catherine   Fitzgerald and Linda K. Kirby, editors, c1997. Stacks
658.45 D733 Straight   talk : turning communication upside down for strategic results at work / Eric   F. Douglas, c1998. Stacks
Electronic book Eating   disorders [computer file] : an encyclopedia of causes, treatment, and   prevention / Justine J. Reel, editor. , c2013. Gale
Electronic book Military   robots and drones [computer file] : a reference handbook / Paul J. Springer.   , c2013. Gale
Electronic book Edible   structures [computer file] : the basic science of what we eat / José Miguel   Aguilera ; translated by Marian Blazes. , [2013] EBSCO
CD 781.62 I68 Live   in Belfast [sound recording] / the Irish Tenors, p2000. Main   Floor
CD 781.62 P478 In   these times [sound recording] / Peter, Paul & Mary, p2003. Main   Floor
CD 781.63 J255a American   composer in concert [sound recording] / Tim Janis, with the American Symphony   Orchestra, [2001] Main   Floor
CD 781.642 C295p Party   doll [sound recording] : and other favorites / Mary Chapin Carpenter, p1999. Main   Floor
CD 781.723 B384 Beauty   of Christmas [sound recording] : 28 seasonal classics, 1998. Main   Floor
CD 781.723 D619 Christmas   collection [sound recording] / Il Divo, p2005. Main   Floor
CD 781.723 T139 Birth   of Jesus [sound recording] : a celebration of Christmas / John Michael   Talbot, p1990. Main   Floor
CD 782.1 W337v Voice   encore [sound recording] / Russell Watson, c2002. Main   Floor
CD 782.25 S642l Live   the life [sound recording] / Michael W. Smith, p1998. Main   Floor
CD 782.42166 J65 Made   in England [sound recording] / Elton John, p1995. Main   Floor
784.5209769 W682 Barn   dances & jamborees across Kentucky / J. D. Wilkes; foreword by John   Cohen, 2013. Kentucky
DVD 791.4372 B724 Book   thief [videorecording] / Fox 2000 Pictures presents ; a Sunswept   Entertainment production ; produced by Karen Rosenfelt, Ken Blancato ;   screenplay by Michael Petroni ; directed by Brian Percival, [2014] Main   Floor
DVD 791.4372 I40 Indiana   Jones, the complete adventure collection [videorecording] / Paramount   Pictures ; Lucasfilm Ltd. ; directed by Steven Spielberg, Vol. 4 – 2   videodiscs, 2008. Main   Floor
DVD 791.4372 N362 Nebraska   / [videorecording] Paramount Vantage presents ; in association with   Filmnation Entertainment, Blue Lake Media Fund and Echo Lake Entertainment ;   a Bona Fide production ; an Alexander Payne film ; produced by Albert Berger   & Ron Yerxa ; written by, [2014] Main   Floor
DVD 791.4372 T111 12   years a slave / Fox Searchlight Pictures ; directed by Steve McQueen ;   screenplay by John Ridley ; produced by Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy   Kleiner ; produced by Bill Pohlad, Steve McQueen, Arnon Milchan, Anthony   Katagas ; executive producers, Tessa, [2014] Main   Floor
796.07973 F745 Sports   sponsorship : principles and practices / John A. Fortunato ; foreword by Tony   Ponturo, [2013] Stacks
Electronic book Captain   America and the Nationalist Superhero [computer file] : Metaphors,   Narratives, and Geopolitics. , 2012. EBSCO
Electronic book Essentials   of beautiful singing [computer file] : a three-step kinesthetic approach /   Karen Tillotson Bauer. , 2013. EBSCO
811.54 C971C E.E.   Cummings : a life / Susan Cheever, [2014] Stacks
813.52 C363J Selected   letters of Willa Cather / edited by Andrew Jewell and Janis Stout, 2013. Stacks
AB 813.52 H875b Black   genesis [sound recording] / L. Ron Hubbard, 3 sound discs, [2013] Main   Floor
AB 813.52 H875e Enemy   within [sound recording] / L. Ron Hubbard, 3 sound discs, [2013] Main   Floor
AB 813.52 H875i Invaders   plan [sound recording] / L. Ron Hubbard, 3 sound discs, [2013] Main   Floor
813.52 W464Pol Eudora   Welty, whiteness, and race / edited by Harriet Pollack, c2013. Stacks
AB 813.54 K29k Killer   [sound recording] / Jonathan Kellerman, 6 sound discs, p2014. Main   Floor
AB 813.54 W894h Home   to Seaview Key [sound recording] / Sherryl Woods, 5 sound discs, p2013. Main   Floor
821.7 K25R John   Keats : a new life / Nicholas Roe, [2013]. Stacks
DVD 822.3 S527 Shakespeare   uncovered [videorecording] / produced by Blakeway Productions, 116 Films, and   Thirteen in association with the BBC and Shakespeare’s Globe and ITV Global   Entertainment Limited ; producer, Richard Denton ; directors, Richard Denton   … [et al.], 2 videodiscs, 2012. Main   Floor
921.9 G489 Heloise   and Abelard / by Etienne Gilson, [2004?] Stacks
922.2 R812 Catholic   martyrs of the twentieth century : a comprehensive world history / Robert   Royal, c2000. Stacks
939.21 C641 Trojan   War : a very short introduction / Eric H. Cline, c2013. Stacks
940.5318 L917 Hitler’s   furies : German women in the Nazi killing fields / Wendy Lower, 2013. Stacks
955.05 A160c Coup   : 1953, the CIA, and the roots of modern U.S.-Iranian relations / Ervand   Abrahamian, [2013] Stacks
970.011 D296 Decolonizing   indigenous histories : exploring prehistoric / colonial transitions in   archaeology / edited by Maxine Oland, Siobhan M. Hart, and Liam Frink, c2012. Stacks
972.082 J83 Mexico’s   once and future revolution : social upheaval and the challenge of rule since   the late nineteenth century / Gilbert M. Joseph and Jürgen Buchenau, 2013. Stacks
973.7 L736Ze Lincoln’s   boys : John Hay, John Nicolay, and the war for Lincoln’s image / Joshua   Zeitz, 2014. Stacks
973.733 S215b Battle   of Mill Springs, Kentucky / Stuart W. Sanders, 2013. Kentucky
973.7349 G925 Gettysburg   : the last invasion / Allen C. Guelzo, 2014. Stacks
DVD 973.922092 K35Z JFK   : like no other / produced by Susan Bellows ; written by Mark Zwonitzer ;   American Experience, 2 videodiscs, [2013] Main   Floor
Electronic book Life,   death and growing up on the western front [computer file] / Anthony Fletcher.   , 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Wartime   kiss [computer file] : visions of the moment in the 1940s / Alexander   Nemerov. , 2012 EBSCO
Electronic book China’s   uncertain future [computer file] / Jean-Luc Domenach ; translated by George   Holoch. , ©2012. EBSCO
Electronic book Nasser’s   gamble [computer file] : how intervention in Yemen caused the Six-Day War and   the decline of Egyptian power / Jesse Ferris. , c2013 EBSCO
Electronic book Our   lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor [computer file] : the forging of   American independence, 1774-1776 / Richard R. Beeman. , 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Freedom   national [computer file] : the destruction of slavery in the United States,   1861-1865 / James Oakes. , 2013. EBSCO