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004.678 G227 App generation : how today’s youth navigate identity, intimacy, and imagination in a digital world / Howard Gardner and Katie Davis, [2013] Stacks
Electronic book Defenders of the text [computer file] : the traditions of scholarship in an age of science, 1450-1800 / Anthony Grafton, 1991. History
Electronic book Wonder & science [computer file] : imagining worlds in early modern Europe / Mary Baine Campbell, 2004, c1999. History
Electronic book “Turkenkalender” (1454) attributed to Gutenberg and the Strasbourg lunation tracts [computer file] / Eckehard Simon, c1988. History
Electronic book Mediaeval Slavic manuscripts [computer file] : a bibliography of printed catalogues / by David Djaparidzé ; foreword by Pierre Pascal, 1957. History
Electronic book Incipits of Latin works on the virtues and vices, 1100-1500 A.D. [computer file] : including a section of incipits of works on the Pater noster / Morton W. Bloomfield … [et al.], 1979. History
Electronic book Canadian history [computer file] : a reader’s guide, c1994. History
Electronic book Music printing in Renaissance Venice [computer file] : the Scotto Press, 1539-1572 / Jane A. Bernstein, 1998. History
Electronic book Arator, the codices [computer file] / edited by Arthur Patch McKinlay, 1942. History
Electronic book Mediaeval Greek bookhands [computer file] : examples selected from Greek manuscripts in Oxford libraries / by Nigel Wilson, [c1973] History
Electronic book Greek and Syrian miniatures in Jerusalem [computer file] : with an introduction and a description of each of the seventy-one miniatures reproduced / [by] William Henry Paine Hatch, 1931. History
100 O98 Oxford guide to philosophy / editor, Ted Honderich, 2005. Reference
150.9 P598 Psychology book : from shamanism to cutting-edge neuroscience, 250 milestones in the history of psychology / Wade E. Pickren ; foreword by Philip G. Zimbardo, 2014. Stacks
153.6 E41s Success with the gentle art of verbal self-defense / Suzette Haden Elgin, c1989. Stacks
193.2 K92 Socrates meets Kant : the father of philosophy meets his most influential modern child : a Socratic cross-examination of Kant’s Critique of pure reason and Grounding for the metaphysics of morals / by Peter Kreeft, c2009. Stacks
Electronic book Great chain of being [computer file] : a study of the history of an idea / by Arthur O. Lovejoy, 2001, c1964 History
Electronic book Studies in the way of words [computer file] / Paul Grice, 1991, c1989. History
Electronic book Feeling body [computer file] : affective science meets the enactive mind / Giovanna Colombetti, 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Freud, biologist of the mind [computer file] : beyond the psychoanalytic legend / Frank J. Sulloway, 1992. History
Electronic book Dreams that matter [computer file] : Egyptian landscapes of the imagination / Amira Mittermaier, c2011. History
Electronic book Jewish messianism and the history of philosophy [computer file] / Martin Kavka, 2004. History
Electronic book Proclus the Successor on poetics and the Homeric poems [computer file] : essays 5 and 6 of his Commentary on the Republic of Plato / text, translation, notes, and introduction by Robert Lamberton, c2012. History
209 O32 Official Catholic directory : Anno Domini 2014, c2014. Reference
220.61 K16 Abingdon introduction to the Bible : understanding Jewish and Christian scriptures / Joel S. Kaminsky, Joel N. Lohr, Mark Reasoner, [2014] Stacks
230.2 K68 Aquinas and the cry of Rachel : Thomistic reflections on the problem of evil / John F.X. Knasas, [2013] Stacks
DVD 232.91 M394 Mary, mother of Jesus [videorecording] / Artisan Entertainment ; produced by Howard Ellis ; written by Albert Ross ; directed by Kevin Connor, [2003] Main Floor
239.7 C363 Catholic controversies : understanding church teachings and events in history / Stephen Gabriel, editor, [2010] Stacks
241.63 K67 Case for life : equipping Christians to engage the culture / Scott Klusendorf, 2009. Stacks
248.4 M133 Silence : a Christian history / Diarmaid MacCulloch , 2014 Stacks
262.13 F818w Way of humility : Corruption and sin ; On self-accusation / Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio ; translated by Helena Scott, 2014. Stacks
271.97 C187 Nun on the bus : how all of us can create hope, change, and community / Sister Simone Campbell, with David Gibson, 2014. Stacks
OSU 271.974 A582p Praying with Angela Merici : with a great and longing heart / [texts ed. for the Federation of the German-speaking Ursulines by Sr Cornelia Müller-Freund and Sr Brigitte Werr] ; [transl. by Suzanne Lenné and Mary Cabrini Durkin] ; [photos, Sr Brigitte, 1999 OSU
277.69 P317 Freely you have received, freely give : 75 years of the Diocese of Owensboro Kentucky / by Sarah L. Patterson, 2012. Kentucky
289.8769 N341k Kentucky Shakers / Julia Neal, c1982. Stacks
299.7 Z72 Sacred wisdom of the American Indians / Larry J. Zimmerman, 2011. Stacks
Electronic book Manufacturing religion [computer file] : the discourse on sui generis religion and the politics of nostalgia / Russell T. McCutcheon, 1997. History
Electronic book Religion and healing in America [computer file] / edited by Linda L. Barnes and Susan S. Sered, 2005. History
Electronic book Homilies on the Song of songs [computer file] / Gregory of Nyssa ; translated with an introduction and notes by Richard A. Norris Jr, c2012. History
Electronic book John Chrysostom, Homilies on Paul’s letter to the Philippians [computer file] / John Chrysostom ; introduced, translated and annotated by Pauline Allen, c2013. History
Electronic book Places of redemption [computer file] : theology for a worldly church / Mary McClintock Fulkerson, 2007. History
Electronic book Coptic christology in practice [computer file] : incarnation and divine participation in late antique and medieval Egypt / Stephen J. Davis, 2008. History
Electronic book Ordination anointings in the western church before 1000 A. D. [computer file] / Gerald Ellard, 1933. History
Electronic book Future of ethics [computer file] : sustainability, social justice, and religious creativity / Willis Jenkins, 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Saint Francis and the sultan [computer file] : the curious history of a Christian-Muslim encounter / John Tolan, c2009. History
Electronic book Myth of American religious freedom [computer file] / David Sehat, 2011. History
Electronic book Disability and Christian theology [computer file] : embodied limits and constructive possibilities / Deborah Beth Creamer, 2009. History
Electronic book Making chastity sexy [computer file] : the rhetoric of evangelical abstinence campaigns / Christine J. Gardner, c2011. History
Electronic book Jesuit on the roof of the world [computer file] : Ippolito Desideri’s mission to eighteenth-century Tibet / Trent Pomplun, 2010. History
Electronic book Race [computer file] : a theological account / J. Kameron Carter, 2008. History
Electronic book Latin monasticism in Norman Sicily [computer file] Lynn Townsend White, Jr, 1938. History
Electronic book Changing roles of women within the Christian church in Canada [computer file] / edited by Elizabeth Gillan Muir and Marilyn Färdig Whiteley, 1995. History
Electronic book Shaping a monastic identity [computer file] : liturgy & history at the Imperial Abbey of Farfa, 1000-1125 / Susan Boynton, 2006. History
Electronic book Divided by faith [computer file] : religious conflict and the practice of toleration in early modern Europe / Benjamin J. Kaplan, c2007. History
Electronic book Concordance to the Historia ecclesiastica of Bede [computer file] / by Putnam Fennell Jones, 1929. History
Electronic book Ancestors, virgins, & friars [computer file] : Christianity as a local religion in late Imperial China / Eugenio Menegon, 2009. History
Electronic book Burden of Black religion [computer file] / Curtis J. Evans, 2008. History
Electronic book For the soul of the people [computer file] : Protestant protest against Hitler / Victoria Barnett, c1992. History
Electronic book Copts and the West, 1439-1822 [computer file] : the European discovery of the Egyptian church / Alastair Hamilton, 2006. History
Electronic book Spirituality and administration [computer file] : the role of the bishop in twelfth-century Auxerre / Constance Brittain Bouchard, 1979. History
Electronic book Saints in exile [computer file] : the Holiness-Pentecostal experience in African American religion and culture / Cheryl J. Sanders, 1996. History
Electronic book Heaven below [computer file] : early Pentecostals and American culture / Grant Wacker, 2003, c2001. History
Electronic book Religion and revelation [computer file] : a theology of revelation in the world’s religions / Keith Ward, 1994. History
Electronic book Archetypal actions of ritual [computer file] : an essay on ritual as action illustrated by the Jain rite of worship / Caroline Humphrey and James Alexander Laidlaw, 1994. History
Electronic book Diaspora of the gods [computer file] : modern Hindu temples in an urban middle-class world / Joanne Punzo Wahorne, 2004. History
Electronic book Goddess lives in upstate New York [computer file] : breaking convention and making home at a North American Hindu temple / Corinne G. Dempsey, 2005. History
Electronic book Asrama system [computer file] : the history and hermeneutics of a religious institution / Patrick Olivelle, 1993. History
Electronic book Bodies of God and the world of ancient Israel [computer file] / Benjamin D. Sommer, 2009. History
Electronic book Heresy and the politics of community [computer file] : the Jews of the Fatimid caliphate / Marina Rustow, 2008. History
Electronic book Women as ritual experts [computer file] : the religious lives of elderly Jewish women in Jerusalem / Susan Starr Sered, 1996. History
Electronic book Islam, gender, & social change [computer file] / edited by Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad & John L. Esposito, c1998. History
Electronic book Quran and woman [computer file] rereading the sacred text from a woman’s perspective / Amina Wadud, c1999. History
Electronic book Guests of God [computer file] : pilgrimage and politics in the Islamic world / Robert R. Bianchi, 2004. History
Electronic book Honored by the glory of Islam [computer file] : conversion and conquest in Ottoman Europe / Marc David Baer, 2011, c2008. History
Electronic book Ismailis in the Middle Ages [computer file] : a history of survival, a search for salvation / Shafique N. Virani, 2007. History
Electronic book Women in the Qur’an, traditions, and interpretation [computer file] / Barbara Freyer Stowasser, 1994. History
Electronic book On sacred grounds [computer file] : culture, society, politics, and the formation of the cult of Confucius / Thomas A. Wilson, editor, 2002. History
301.451092 W317u Up from slavery / Booker T. Washington, 1995. Stacks
302 L716 Social : why our brains are wired to connect / Matthew D. Lieberman, [2013] Stacks
302.343 D858 Overcoming mobbing : a recovery guide for workplace aggression and bullying / Maureen Duffy, Len Sperry, [2014] Stacks
303.3 G830 48 laws of power / Robert Greene, c2000. Stacks
305.800973 J77 Dreadful deceit : the myth of race from the colonial era to Obama’s America / Jacqueline Jones, [2013] Stacks
323.4 R595 Bill of the century : the epic battle for the Civil Rights Act / Clay Risen, [2014] Stacks
328.73 W754 Congressional government : a study in American politics / by Woodrow Wilson .., 1885. ; 1994. Stacks
328.73092 L884 Herding cats : a life in politics / Trent Lott, [2005]. Stacks
333.7 L324 Environmental debt : the hidden costs of a changing global economy / Amy Larkin , 2014. Stacks
342.73 W164 Second Amendment : a biography / Michael Waldman, 2014. Stacks
342.7302 E64 American epic : reading the US Constitution / Garrett Epps, [2013] Stacks
342.73085 B412 Beyond race, sex, and sexual orientation : legal equality without identity / Sonu Bedi, Dartmouth College, 2013. Stacks
347.73 J27 Root and branch : Charles Hamilton Houston, Thurgood Marshall, and the struggle to end segregation / Rawn James, Jr, 2010. Stacks
362.1 E53 Reinventing American health care : how the Affordable Care Act will improve our terribly complex, blatantly unjust, outrageously expensive, grossly inefficient, error prone system / Ezekiel J. Emanuel, [2014] Stacks
DVD 363.46 O58 180 [videorecording] / executive produced by Ray Comfort ; Emeal Zwayne ; Directed by Ray Comfort, 2011. Main Floor
363.7396 H443 Heavy metals in soils : trace metals and metalloids in soils and their bioavailability / Brian J. Alloway, editor, c2013. Stacks
370.115 S481 Reading the visual : an introduction to teaching multimodal literacy / Frank Serafini ; foreword by James Paul Gee, [2014] Stacks
370.1523 F300 From the brain to the classroom : the encyclopedia of learning / Sheryl Feinstein, editor, [2014] Reference
370.9 R589 Smartest kids in the world : and how they got that way / Amanda Ripley, 2014. Stacks
371.144 L411 Teacher and student evaluation : moving beyond the failure of school reform / by Alyson Leah Lavigne and Thomas L. Good, 2014. Stacks
371.207 M385 Deeper learning : how eight innovative public schools are transforming education in the twenty-first century / Monica R. Martinez, Dennis McGrath, 2014. Stacks
371.33 C290 Minds on fire : how role-immersion games transform college / Mark C. Carnes, [2014] Stacks
371.334 B786 Teaching naked : how moving technology out of your college classroom will improve student learning / José Antonio Bowen, [2012] Stacks
371.39 E24 Transforming teaching and learning with active and dramatic approaches : engaging students across the curriculum / Brian Edmiston, 2014. Stacks
371.8266 M473 LGBTQ youth and education : policies and practices / Cris Mayo, [2014] Stacks
371.9 H645 Breaking through : using educational technology for children with special needs / Barbara Albers Hill, [2014] Stacks
Electronic book Searching for the invisible man [computer file] : slaves and plantation life in Jamaica / Michael Craton ; with the assistance of Garry Greenland, 1978. History
Electronic book Community literacy and the rhetoric of public engagement [computer file] / Linda Flower, c2008. History
Electronic book Comparing media systems [computer file] : three models of media and politics / Daniel C. Hallin, Paolo Mancini, c2004. History
Electronic book Old World encounters [computer file] : cross-cultural contacts and exchanges in pre-modern times / Jerry H. Bentley, 1993. History
Electronic book Death without weeping [computer file] : the violence of everyday life in Brazil / Nancy Scheper-Hughes, c1993. History
Electronic book Violence [computer file] : a micro-sociological theory / Randall Collins, c2008. History
Electronic book Long sexual revolution [computer file] : English women, sex, and contraception, 1800-1975 / Hera Cook, 2005, c2004. History
Electronic book Mexican New York [computer file] : transnational lives of new immigrants / Robert Courtney Smith, c2006. History
Electronic book Francois Poulain de la Barre and the invention of modern equality [computer file] / Siep Stuurman, 2004. History
Electronic book Women in late antiquity [computer file] : pagan and Christian life-styles / Gillian Clark, 1993. History
Electronic book Widows in white [computer file] : migration and the transformation of rural Italian women, Sicily, 1880-1920 / Linda Reeder, c2003. History
Electronic book Donors, devotees, and daughters of God [computer file] : temple women in medieval Tamilnadu / Leslie C. Orr, 2000. History
Electronic book Class counts [computer file] : comparative studies in class analysis / Erik Olin Wright, 1997. History
Electronic book Status and sacredness [computer file] : a general theory of status relations and an analysis of Indian culture / Murray Milner, Jr, 1994. History
Electronic book Myth of the French bourgeoisie [computer file] : an essay on the social imaginary, 1750-1850 / Sarah Maza, 2003. History
Electronic book Ethnic Identity in Greek antiquity [computer file] / Jonathan M. Hall, 200, c1997. History
Electronic book Setting down the sacred past [computer file] : African-American race histories / Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp, 2010. History
Electronic book Myths of harmony [computer file] : race and republicanism during the age of revolution, Colombia 1795-1831 / Marixa Lasso, c2007. History
Electronic book Race in another America [computer file] : the significance of skin color in Brazil / Edward E. Telles, 2006, c2004. History
Electronic book Muslims and matriarchs [computer file] : cultural resilience in Indonesia through jihad and colonialism / Jeffrey Hadler, 2008. History
Electronic book Legacies [computer file] : the story of the immigrant second generation / Alejandro Portes, Rubén G. Rumbaut, 2001. History
Electronic book Paris sewers and sewermen [computer file] : realities and representations / Donald Reid, 1991. History
Electronic book Sources of social power [computer file] / Michael Mann, 2012-2013. History
Electronic book Avoiding politics [computer file] : how Americans produce apathy in everyday life / Nina Eliasoph, 2003, c1998. History
Electronic book Genders in production [computer file] : making workers in Mexico’s global factories / Leslie Salzinger, c2003. History
Electronic book Dreams of Africa in Alabama [computer file] : the slave ship Clotilda and the story of the last Africans brought to America / Sylviane A. Diouf, 2007. History
Electronic book Slavery and the culture of taste [computer file] / Simon Gikandi, c2011. History
Electronic book Slave trade and culture in the Bight of Biafra [computer file] : an African society in the Atlantic world / G. Ugo Nwokeji, 2010. History
Electronic book Enemies and familiars [computer file] : slavery and mastery in fifteenth-century Valencia / Debra Blumenthal, c2009. History
Electronic book Chinese medicine men [computer file] : consumer culture in China and Southeast Asia / Sherman Cochran, 2006. History
Electronic book Objects of translation [computer file] : material culture and medieval “Hindu-Muslim” encounter / Finbarr B. Flood, 2009. History
Electronic book Religion in modern Europe [computer file] : a memory mutates / Grace Davie, 2005, c2000. History
Electronic book Christian communities in the Arab Middle East [computer file] : the challenge of the future / edited by Andrea Pacini, 2004, c1998. History
Electronic book Courtesan’s arts [computer file] : cross-cultural perspectives / edited by Martha Feldman and Bonnie Gordon, 2006. History
Electronic book How sex changed [computer file] : a history of transsexuality in the United States / Joanne Meyerowitz, 2004, c2002. History
Electronic book Mothers and children [computer file] : Jewish family life in medieval Europe / Elisheva Baumgarten, c2004. History
Electronic book Love and toil [computer file] : motherhood in outcast London, 1870-1918 / Ellen Ross, 1993. History
Electronic book Manhattan projects [computer file] : the rise and fall of urban renewal in Cold War New York / Samuel Zipp, 2010. History
Electronic book Urban fortunes [computer file] : the political economy of place / John R. Logan, Harvey L. Molotch, c2007. History
Electronic book State-building [computer file] : governance and world order in the 21st century / Francis Fukuyama, [2004] EBSCO
Electronic book Sense of power [computer file] : studies in the ideas of Canadian imperialism, 1867-1914 / Carl Berger ; with a new introduction by Doug Owram, 2013. History
Electronic book Liberalism and republicanism in the historical imagination [computer file] / Joyce Appleby, c1992. History
Electronic book When nationalism began to hate [computer file] : imagining modern politics in nineteenth century Poland / Brian Porter, 2000. History
Electronic book Machiavelli and Guicciardini [computer file] : politics and history in sixteenth-century Florence / by Felix Gilbert, 1965. History
Electronic book Lost modernities [computer file] : China, Vietnam, Korea, and the hazards of world history / Alexander Woodside, 2006. History
Electronic book Activists beyond borders [computer file] : advocacy networks in international politics / Margaret E. Keck and Kathryn Sikkink, 1998. EBSCO
Electronic book Angelina Grimké [computer file] : rhetoric, identity, and the radical imagination / Stephen Howard Browne, c1999. History
Electronic book Resistance and integration [computer file] : Peronism and the Argentine working class, 1946-1976 / Daniel James, 1993, c1988. History
Electronic book Counting the dead [computer file] : the culture and politics of human rights activism in Colombia / Winifred Tate, c2007. History
Electronic book Bulgarian Jews and the final solution, 1940-1944 [computer file] / Frederick B. Chary, c1972. History
Electronic book Vertical mosaic [computer file] : an analysis of social class and power in Canada / John Porter, c1965. History
Electronic book Working class radicals [computer file] : the Socialist Party in West Virginia, 1898-1920 / Frederick A. Barkey ; with a foreword by Ken Fones-Wolf, 2012. History
Electronic book Colonialism and postcolonial development [computer file] : Spanish America in comparative perspective / James Mahoney, 2010. History
Electronic book Possessing the Pacific [computer file] : land, settlers, and indigenous people from Australia to Alaska / Stuart Banner, 2007. History
Electronic book Gentleman of color [computer file] : the life of James Forten / Julie Winch, 2002. History
Electronic book Rational theory of international politics [computer file] : the logic of competition and cooperation / Charles L. Glaser, ©2010. EBSCO
Electronic book Owen Lattimore and the “Loss” of China [computer file] / Robert P. Newman, c1992. History
Electronic book Opportunity [computer file] : America’s moment to alter history’s course / Richard Haass, c2005. EBSCO
Electronic book Choice [computer file] : global domination or global leadership / Zbigniew Brzezinski, ©2004. EBSCO
Electronic book Good and wise measure [computer file] : the search for the Canadian-American boundary, 1783-1842 / Francis M. Carroll, c2001. History
Electronic book Panama Canal in American politics [computer file] : domestic advocacy and the evolution of policy / J. Michael Hogan, c1986. History
Electronic book Senate of Imperial Rome [computer file] / Richard J.A. Talbert, c1984. History
Electronic book Big picture economics [computer file] : how to navigate the new global economy / by Joel Naroff, 2014. EBSCO
Electronic book Economists and societies [computer file] : discipline and profession in the United States, Britain, and France, 1890s to 1990s / Marion Fourcade, c2009. History
Electronic book Philodemus, On property management [computer file] / translated with an introduction and notes by Voula Tsouna, c2012. History
Electronic book Bombay Islam [computer file] : the religious economy of the West Indian Ocean, 1840-1915 / Nile Green, 2011. History
Electronic book Inventing equal opportunity [computer file] / Frank Dobbin, c2009. History
Electronic book Legalizing gender inequality [computer file] : courts, markets, and unequal pay for women in America / Robert L. Nelson, William P. Bridges, 1999. History
Electronic book First industrial woman [computer file] / Deborah Valenze, 1995. History
Electronic book Home and work [computer file] : housework, wages, and the ideology of labor in the early republic / Jeanne Boydston, 1994, c1990. History
Electronic book No man’s land [computer file] : Jamaican guestworkers in America and the global history of deportable labor / Cindy Hahamovitch, c2011. History
Electronic book Money, prices, and civilization in the Mediterranean world [computer file] : fifth to seventeenth century / by Carlo M. Cipolla, 1956. History
Electronic book Parliamentary taxes on personal property, 1290 to 1334 [computer file] : a study in mediæval English financial administration / James Field Willard, 1970. History
Electronic book Globalization and governance [computer file] / Jon Pierre, c2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Mantra of efficiency [computer file] : from waterwheel to social control / Jennifer Karns Alexander, 2008. History
Electronic book Locked in place [computer file] : state-building and late industrialization in India / Vivek Chibber, c2003. History
Electronic book Power of everyday politics [computer file] : how Vietnamese peasants transformed national policy / Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet, 2005. History
Electronic book Paradox of plenty [computer file] : oil booms and petro-states / Terry Lynn Karl, c1997. History
Electronic book Hope and deception in Conception Bay [computer file] : merchant-settler relations in Newfoundland, 1785-1855 / Sean T. Cadigan, c1995. History
Electronic book Tours that bind [computer file] : diaspora, pilgrimage, and Israeli birthright tourism / Shaul Kelner, c2010. History
Electronic book Peasant rebels under Stalin [computer file] : collectivization and the culture of peasant resistance / Lynne Viola, c1996. History
Electronic book Eating rice from bamboo roots [computer file] : the social history of a community of handicraft papermakers in rural Sichuan, 1920-2000 / Jacob Eyferth, 2009. History
Electronic book Weavers of revolution [computer file] : the Yarur workers and Chile’s road to socialism / Peter Winn, 1986. History
Electronic book Durable inequality [computer file] / Charles Tilly, c1998. History
Electronic book Leading cases in the common law [computer file] / A.W. Brian Simpson, 1996, c1995. History
Electronic book English government at work, 1327-1336 [computer file] / edited by James F. Willard and William A. Morris, 1940-1950. History
Electronic book From popular sovereignty to the sovereignty of law [computer file] : law, society, and politics in fifth-century Athens / Martin Ostwald, c1986. History
Electronic book Philosophical origins of modern contract doctrine [computer file] / by James Gordley, 2011, c1991. History
Electronic book Freedom of the air and the public interest [computer file] : First Amendment rights in broadcasting to 1935 / Louise M. Benjamin, c2001. History
Electronic book Courage to dissent [computer file] : Atlanta and the long history of the civil rights movement / Tomiko Brown-Nagin, 2011. History
Electronic book Rough justice [computer file] : the International Criminal Court in a world of power politics / David Bosco, [2014] EBSCO
Electronic book History of the land law [computer file] / A.W.B. Simpson , 1986 History
Electronic book Empowering women [computer file] : land and property rights in Latin America / Carmen Diana Deere and Magdalena León, c2001. History
Electronic book “Speech acts” and the First Amendment [computer file] / Franklyn S. Haiman ; with a foreword by Abner J. Mikva, c1993. History
Electronic book Murder, courts, and the press [computer file] : issues in free press/fair trial / Peter E. Kane ; with a foreword by Franklyn S. Haiman, 1992. History
Electronic book Litigation and inequality [computer file] : federal diversity jurisdiction in industrial America, 1870-1958 / Edward A. Purcell, Jr, 1992. History
Electronic book Character of justice [computer file] : rhetoric, law, and politics in the Supreme Court confirmation process / Trevor Parry-Giles, c2006. History
Electronic book Oxford history of the laws of England [computer file] / [general editor, Sir John Baker], 2003-2012. History
Electronic book Lost world of classical legal thought [computer file] : law and ideology in America, 1886-1937 / William M. Wiecek, 1998. History
Electronic book Borough and town [computer file] : a study of urban origins in England / Carl Stephenson, 1933. History
Electronic book Arms and influence [computer file] / Thomas C. Schelling, 2008. EBSCO
Electronic book First way of war [computer file] : American war making on the frontier, 1607-1814 / John Grenier, 2005. History
Electronic book “Rich nation, strong Army” [computer file] : national security and the technological transformation of Japan / Richard J. Samuels, c1994. History
Electronic book Nexus [computer file] : strategic communications and American security in World War I / Jonathan Reed Winkler, c2008. History
Electronic book Strategic deception [computer file] : rhetoric, science, and politics in missile defense advocacy / Gordon R. Mitchell, c2000. History
Electronic book American samurai [computer file] : myth, imagination, and the conduct of battle in the First Marine Division, 1941-1951 / Craig M. Cameron, 1994. History
Electronic book Reproducing women [computer file] : medicine, metaphor, and childbirth in late imperial China / Yi-Li Wu, c2010. History
Electronic book Presidential administration and the environment [computer file] : executive leadership in the age of gridlock / David M. Shafie, 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Reforming sex [computer file] : the German movement for birth control and abortion reform, 1920-1950 / Atina Grossmann, 1997, c1995. History
Electronic book Dowry murder [computer file] : the imperial origins of a cultural crime / Veena Talwar Oldenburg, 2002. History
Electronic book Rites of execution [computer file] : capital punishment and the transformation of American culture, 1776-1865 / Louis P. Masur, 1989. History
Electronic book Dangerous familiars [computer file] : representations of domestic crime in England, 1550-1700 / Frances E. Dolan, 1994. History
Electronic book Criminal justice in China [computer file] : a history / Klaus Mühlhahn, 2009. History
Electronic book Invoking the invisible hand [computer file] : social security and the privatization debates / Robert Asen, c2009. History
Electronic book Reassembling social security [computer file] : a survey of pensions and health care reforms in Latin America / Carmelo Mesa-Lago, 2008. History
Electronic book Visual “literacy” [computer file] : image, mind, and reality / Paul Messaris, 1994. History
Electronic book Lyceum and public culture in the nineteenth-century United States [computer file] / Angela G. Ray, 2005. History
Electronic book Alien merchants in England, 1350 to 1377 [computer file] : their legal and economic position / Alice Beardwood, 1931. History
Electronic book From the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean [computer file] : the global trade networks of Armenian merchants from New Julfa / Sebouh David Aslanian, c2011. History
Electronic book Building transnational networks [computer file] : civil society and the politics of trade in the Americas / Marisa von Bülow, 2010. History
Electronic book Impossible engineering [computer file] : technology and territoriality on the Canal du Midi / Chandra Mukerji, c2009. History
Electronic book Genoese shipping in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries [computer file] / Eugene H. Byrne, 1930. History
Electronic book Storytracking [computer file] : texts, stories & histories in Central Australia / Sam D. Gill, 1998. History
Electronic book Psychology of literacy [computer file] / Sylvia Scribner, Michael Cole, 1981. History
Electronic book Language learnability and language development [computer file] / Steven Pinker ; with new commentary by the author, c1996. History
Electronic book Assessing young language learners [computer file] / Penny McKay, 2006. History
Electronic book Adverbs and functional heads [computer file] : a cross-linguistic perspective / Guglielmo Cinque, 1999. History
Electronic book Disarming words [computer file] : empire and the seductions of translation in Egypt / Shaden M. Tageldin, c2011. History
Electronic book Second language classrooms [computer file] : research on teaching and learning / Craig Chaudron, 1988. History
Electronic book Theory of Middle English alliterative meter [computer file] : with critical applications / Robert William Sapora, Jr, 1977. History
Electronic book Survey of the manuscripts of Tours [computer file] / by Edward Kennard Rand, 1929. History
Electronic book American Indian languages [computer file] : the historical linguistics of Native America / Lyle Campbell, 2000, c1997. History
500 G846 Almost everyone’s guide to science : the universe, life, and everything / John Gribbin with Mary Gribbin, 1999. Stacks
500 H237 Handy science answer book / compiled by the Science and Technology Department of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, c1994. Stacks
508.74 M953 John Muir : spiritual writings / selected with an introduction by Tim Flinders, [2013] Stacks
510 Z66 Do I count? : stories from mathematics / Günter M. Ziegler ; translated by Thomas von Foerster, 2014. Stacks
523.1092 H392 My brief history / Stephen Hawking, [2013] Stacks
523.8875 S215 Revealing the heart of the galaxy : the Milky Way and its black hole / Robert H. Sanders, Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of Groningen, 2014. Stacks
530.11 F383 Perfect theory : a century of geniuses and the battle over general relativity / Pedro G. Ferreira, 2014. Stacks
540.92 M537G Well-ordered thing : Dmitrii Mendeleev and the shadow of the periodic table / Michael D. Gordin, c2004. Stacks
541.3884 C912 Life atomic : a history of radioisotopes in science and medicine / Angela N. H. Creager, 2013. Stacks
543 E55m Molecules at an exhibition : portraits of intriguing materials in everyday life / John Emsley, [1998]. Stacks
551.22 H838 Earthshaking science : what we know (and don’t know) about earthquakes / Susan Elizabeth Hough, c2002. Stacks
551.4 H424 Desert / Roslynn D. Haynes, [2013]. Stacks
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DVD 791.4572 F796 Set 1 Foyle’s war. Set 1 [videorecording] / Greenlit Productions, produced in association with Paddock Productions ; produced by Simon Passmore, Jill Green ; written by Anthony Horowitz ; directed by Jeremy Silberston, David Thacker, 4 videodiscs, [2009] Main Floor
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DVD 791.4572 F796 Set 4 Foyle’s war. Set 4 [videorecording] / Greenlit Productions, Ltd. ; Icon ; written and created by Anthony Horowitz ; produced by Keith Thompson, 4 videodiscs, [2007] Main Floor
DVD 791.4572 F796 Set 5 Foyle’s war. Set 5 [videorecording] / Greenlit Productions ; Icon, 3 videodiscs, [2008] Main Floor
DVD 791.4572 F796 Set 6 Foyle’s war. Set 6 [videorecording] / Greenlit Productions, produced in association with Paddock Productions ; created by Anthony Horowitz ; produced by Lars MacFarlane ; written by Anthony Horowitz and David Kane ; directed by Stuart Orme and David Richa, 3 videodiscs, 2010. Main Floor
DVD 791.4572 F796 Set 7 Foyle’s war. Set 7 [videorecording] / produced by Eleventh Hour Films in association with Acorn Media Group and Otcagon Films Limited ; created by Anthony Horowitz ; written by Anthony Horowitz and David Kane ; produced by Jeremy Gwilt ; directed by Stuar, 3 videodiscs, 2013. Main Floor
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