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Titles Processed in February, 2015

027.7 M438 Library assessment in higher education / Joseph R. Matthews, [2014] Stacks
131.3462092 F889P Becoming Freud : the making of a psychoanalyst / Adam Phillips, 2014. Stacks
152.4 P856 Positive side of negative emotions / edited by W. Gerrod Parrott, [2014] Stacks
153.35 L673 Rise : creativity, the gift of failure, and the search for mastery / Sarah Lewis, 2014. Stacks
Electronic book Beginning and the end [computer file] : the meaning of life in a cosmological perspective / Clément Vidal, [2014] EBSCO
Electronic book Global bioethics and human rights [computer file] : contemporary issues / edited by Wanda Teays, John-Stewart Gordon, and Alison Dundes Renteln, 2014. EBSCO
DVD 203.5 S123 Sacred journeys with Bruce Feiler [videorecording] / a production of WGBH Boston with Maya Vision International, 2 videodiscs, [2014] Main Floor
209 O32 Official Catholic directory : Anno Domini 2014, Part 2, c2014. Reference
223 B881w Wisdom’s wonder : character, creation, and crisis in the Bible’s wisdom literature / William P. Brown, 2014. Stacks
229.91 B959 Secret scriptures revealed : a new introduction to the Christian Apocrypha / Tony Burke, 2013. Stacks
241.676 K50 Friendship as sacred knowing : overcoming isolation / Samuel Kimbriel, [2014] Stacks
261.57 V695p Pathos of the cross : the passion of Christ in theology and the arts–the Baroque era / Richard Viladesau, 2014. Stacks
317.3 W927 World almanac, 2015, [c1932, 1935, 1949-2015]. Reference
327.47 S729f Foreign policy of Russia : changing systems, enduring interests / Robert H. Donaldson, Joseph L. Nogee, Vidya Nadkarni, [2014] Stacks
352.073 K414 Comprehensive annual financial report, 2014, c2000]-. Kentucky
361.2 C113 Great War and the origins of Humanitarianism, 1918-1924 / Bruno Cabanes, 2014. Stacks
361.301 N234 Narrating social work through autoethnography / edited by Stanley L. Witkin, [2014] Stacks
362.1 M745 Health care policy and practice : a biopsychosocial perspective / Cynthia Moniz and Stephen Gorin, 2014. Stacks
OSU CD 371.334 A389 How can I improve my PowerPoint presentation skills? [computer file] / Presented by Kenneth L. Alford, Ph.D, [2013] OSU
OSU CD 378.125 S555 In blended courses, what should students do online? [computer file] / Presented by Dr. Ike Shibley & Dr. Timothy Wilson, [2012] OSU
OSU CD 378.125 W285 How can I use informal writing as part of a low-stakes grading strategy? [computer file] / presented by Scott Warnock, Ph.D, [2012] OSU
OSU CD 378.125 W422how How do I give feedback that improves student writing [computer file] , c2011. OSU
398.2109 G864 Grimms’ tales around the globe : the dynamics of their international reception / edited by Vanessa Joosen and Gillian Lathey, [2014] Stacks
Electronic book Generation unbound [computer file] : drifting into sex and parenthood without marriage / Isabel V. Sawhill, [2014] EBSCO
Electronic book Power, Politics, and the Decline of the Civil Rights Movement [computer file], 2014. EBSCO
Electronic book Fifty major economists [computer file] / Steven Pressman, 2014. EBSCO
Electronic book In 100 years [computer file] : leading economists predict the future / edited by Ignacio Palacios-Huerta, 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Federal Service and the Constitution [computer file] : The Development of the Public Employment Relationship, 2014. EBSCO
Electronic book Storm of witchcraft [computer file] : the Salem trials and the American experience / Emerson W. Baker, 2014. EBSCO
Electronic book Primordial violence [computer file] : spanking children, psychological development, violence, and crime / Murray A. Straus, University of New Hampshire, Emily M. Douglas, Bridgewater State University, Rose Anne Medeiros, Rice University, 2014. EBSCO
Electronic book Lost history of the New Madrid earthquakes [computer file] / Conevery Bolton Valencius, 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Teaching the taboo [computer file] : courage and imagination in the classroom / Rick Ayers, William Ayers ; foreword by Carol Lee, [2014] EBSCO
Electronic book Values of American teachers [computer file] : how teachers’ values help stabilize unsteady democracy / Robert Slater, [2013] EBSCO
598.2 S928 Thing with feathers : the surprising lives of birds and what they reveal about being human / Noah Strycker, [2014] Stacks
Electronic book Our once and future planet [computer file] : restoring the world in the climate change century / Paddy Woodworth, 2013. EBSCO
613.7 H674 History of exercise physiology / Charles M. Tipton, PhD, University of Arizona, editor, [2014] Stacks
615.7882 M739 Bitterest pills : the troubling story of antipsychotic drugs / Joanna Moncrieff, University College London, UK, 2013. Stacks
616.398 H558 Fat blame : how the war on obesity victimizes women and children / April Michelle Herndon, 2014. Stacks
616.8589 H665 ADHD explosion : myths, medication, money, and today’s push for performance / Stephen P. Hinshaw, Richard M. Scheffler, [2014] Stacks
620.11 M669 Stuff matters : exploring the marvelous materials that shape our man-made world / Mark Miodownik, 2014. Stacks
Electronic book How Talking Cures [computer file] : Revealing Freud”s Contributions to All Psychotherapies , 2014. EBSCO
Electronic book Definitive book of branding [computer file] / edited by Kartikeya Kompella, 2014. EBSCO
712.09 H939 Historical ground : the role of history in contemporary landscape architecture / John Dixon Hunt, 2014. Stacks
CD 781.723 B266 Baroque Christmas [sound recording], c1993. Main Floor
783.2 K34 Singing Jeremiah : music and meaning in Holy Week / Robert L. Kendrick, 2014. Stacks
DVD 791.4372 W797 Wipers Times [videorecording] / BBC & Northern Ireland Screen present ; in association with Goldcrest ; a Trademark Films production ; written by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman ; produced by David Parfitt ; directed by Andy de Emmony, [2014] Main Floor
Electronic book Manifold mirrors [computer file] : the crossing paths of the arts and mathematics / Felipe Cucker, City University of Hong Kong, 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Design for information [computer file] : an introduction to the histories, theories, and best practices behind effective information visualizations / Isabel Meirelles, 2013. EBSCO
823.8 S848c Complete short stories of Robert Louis Stevenson, with a selection of the best short novels / edited with an introduction by Charles Neider, [1998] Stacks
951.056 W959 Cultural revolution at the margins : Chinese socialism in crisis / Yiching Wu, 2014. Stacks
Electronic book Second British Empire [computer file] : in the crucible of the twentieth century / Timothy H. Parsons, [2014] EBSCO
Electronic book Memory and cultural history of the Spanish Civil War [computer file] : realms of oblivion / edited by Aurora G. Morcillo, 2013. EBSCO
Electronic book Understanding the Korean War [computer file] : the participants, the tactics and the course of conflict / Arthur H. Mitchell, [2013] EBSCO
Electronic book Peace be still [computer file] : modern black America from World War II to Barack Obama / Matthew C. Whitaker, [2013] EBSCO